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Akansha Arora Inner wheel club editor Ambala district 308, 2020-21 shares her charity work projects amid pandemic

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News Input by Janvi Panjwani :

Akansha Arora while telling her detail charity work said that, “We have been doing our projects regularly from the very first month when our tenure started inspite of the pandemic.
We have been doing humanitarian work on continuous basis.
Charity work highlited during this lockdown

1. Inner wheel micro forest was created in GMN college of Ambala cantt ,where lots of plants were planted to create a healthy and clean environment.
2. Vertical green garden was created at two sites in Ambala to improve the air quality .
3. Vending cart with fruits and vegetables was donated to a needy person who wanted to start his own work.
4.Large Umbrellas were donated to fruits and vegetables vendors to save them from heat n Rain
5.Big umbrellas were donated to handicap for their tricycles
6. Wheel chair and a stretcher were donated in Rotary hospital.
7. Winter clothes and blankets for new born babies were donated in the Mahavir dal hospital
8. Inner wheel club donated Rs 20000 for Roti bank which provides free thali to covid patients.
9. Six Solar street lights were installed in a rural area where there were no lights.
10 .A wheel chair , nebulizer and geyser were donated in old age home .
11. Twice a month fruits and vegetables are sent to the inmates of old age home
12 .Inner wheel has been contributing for the school fees of the needy children
13 .Inner wheel contributed for the treatment of very sick patients..
14. We gave dry ration and energy food to sick n poor patients
15. IWC installed a sick bay at construction site for construction workers and their families
16. Refreshments were given at hutments of construction workers.
17. 2 tricycles for handicapped were given
3 sets of crutches for handicapped were donated
20 special folding canes for blind people were donated
3 Stitching machines were donated in Stitching school run by IWC
18 . Financial support was given to Maya Rani who is a care taker and incharge of Stitching school
19 .Sanitation drives were done every month where sanitary pads Masks and hygiene kits were distributed among poor and needy women and children
20. Dry Ration was given to needy families who lost their work in lockdown
21. Various webinars were organised to spread awareness among people and members of the club
Mainly on health n hygiene
Eye and organ donation
Health care of eyes
Motivational talk to deal with trying times

When asked about what challenges Akansha Arora faced during this lockdown, in which she said that, “The challenge was how to reach out to majority of people as during covid times we could not gather too many people at one we tried going door to door to help.”

Akansha Arora by addressing the people said that ,”Inner wheel aims at community service keeping that in mind I ll like to say that first of all be safe yourself so that you can be of help to other people,
Take all necessary precautions and keep reaching out to the society because we need to support our people in these challenging times, and the society needs people who are there to help when needed so don’t shy away just take complete safety measures and help as many people as you can.”

Brief Introduction of IWC :

International Inner Wheel is an international women’s organisation to create friendship, service and understanding. It has clubs in over 100 countries with over 100,000 members.IWC has very strong presence in India. It has more than 3000 thousands clubs in Urban and rural India. Since the Covid 19 Pendamic breaks out Inner wheel club launched charity campaign worldwide.



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