Rubina Jain ISO at Inner Wheel Club of Ambala Dist 308, shares her lockdown and charity work Experience

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Rubina Jain ISO at inner wheel club Ambala district 308 shares her lockdown charity work and challenges with Hello Mumbai News.

Rubina Jain, while elaborating her experience in lockdown said that,” Covid-19 impacted each and every individuals in our country ,not only physically but mentally as well as on monetary terms also.”

In additional to this she added, ”
In the year 2020 lockdown my soul was very much shaken by the migration of the labourers to their respective hometowns, we saw children, pregnant ladies, walking on roads to reach safely to their hometown in scrtoching heat.”

Rubina Jain further added,” Me and my family came forward to distribute food to these people, really a satisfying feel came after by helping the people and distributing food to this helpless people who were walkie miles and miles with their children on their shoulders and bags on their side.”

Rubina Jain further conveyed that,” As india is a cold place during winter season , we distributed blankets to the people sleeping on the roadside, Also we distributed fruits in the old age home and spent hours with them who were left abounded by their families.”

Rubina Jain by addressing the people said that,”Together we can, It’s a tough time for everyone and if we hold hand of each other and help each other in their hard times we all will be able to cope up with this pandemic easily.”

News Input by:- Janvi Panjwani

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