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Vinita Goniyal President Inner wheel club Haridwar Dis 308 ,shared her Charity work details and Lockdown experience with Hello Womeniya News.

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News Input by Janvi Panjwani :

In our Inner wheel Social Entrepreneur series in this episode we are introducing you a very dynamic and and iron lady of Haridwar she is also President of Inner wheel club Haridwar for (2020-21) District 308.

Food Distribution among poor and needy people amid pandemic.

She firmly believes in Social service and and charity work. Vinita Goniyal shared her Lockdown experience with Hello Womeniya News.

Key Highlight of Charity projects During Lockdown :

Vinita Goniyal while sharing her experience said that, ” I am vinitagoniyal grown up in Chhattisgarh Raigarh happily married in Haridwar Uttarakhand.I have seen the environment of social service through Innerwheel from my childhood days as my mother Saroj agrawal is the active member of Inner wheel from 25yrs in my home town Raigarh Chhattisgarh of Innerwheel district 326. I am member of Haridwar Inner wheel from 2010and have served as president of the club continuosly for 2yrs 2020and 2021.The tenure of two years was faced by the challenging phase of corona pandemic which we have not seen before.But during this tough time of corona the work done by me and my team .

By conveying the charity work Vinita Goniyal and her team she said, “During first lockdown phase we served daily tea and home made snacks to the police officers working continously at the borders and city for two months as in Haridwar all hotels, dhaba,lodges were closed.

2) We served food packets to the labours moving to their hometown crossing Haridwar nearly 10000 food packets were made and served.

3) We also took care of the homeless fakhads and sadhus residing in streets of  Haridwar by giving them tea,biscuits,good,mask, sanitizer,dry ratio and medicines.

Mask, Biscuits and others items distributed to Homeless Sadhus of Haridwar.

4) Distributed 5000 sanitary pads in slum areas creating menstural awareness about women health n hygiene.
6) Helped orphan girls in their marriage.
7) Supported many poor students for school fees and online education.
8)Organised health checkup camps for female jail inmates of haridwar at district Jail roshnabad Haridwar on women’s day providing all the necessary female requirements in the firm of special kits for 100 females
9)Blanket distribution drive in winters for homeless people in streets of haridwar at night distributing 400 blankets to the needy ones.
10) Made a poor family self dependent by setting up a dhaba cum tea stall if Rs 50000/-to be runned by saas bahu to feed the family as family lost means to earn during lockdown.
11)Water conservation measures done by tapping and replacing the taps unattended in Haridwar ,saving water by repairing them instantly.
12)Ganga cleanliness drive done on regular basis.
13)Trained girls for stitching and made them self reliant by providing them sewing machines to earn on their own.

14)They stitched 5000 mask which was distributed in public creating covid awareness.
15) Dispensary set up at kusht asharam Haridwar supplying regular medicines and supplies for 90 leprosy patients in ashram.
Rations are also supplied in bulk in regular basis
16) Last but not the least,served and cooperated with kumbh police as SPECIAL POLICE OFFICERS(SPO)in mahakumbh2021.we solved and helped them during peak snan days if kumbh.”

When Hello Womeniya Correspondent asked what challenge she has faced Vinita Goniyal said, “Pandemic was tough and difficult to face but our desire to work for society was deep rooted in our hearts that we found our own way of working as we all are homemakers ,so to remain safe during covid time was the concern as if we got infected our families were at high risk.But as motive of service was selfless,God was with us in our work we suceessfully embarked sucess in helping others safely
*We learned new ways of helong and communicating through virtual world creating awareness in special topics if covid,cancer,mental Health, children care in second wave and much more
*The biggest challenge till now we face are the safety, gender issues,sexual and mental harrasment of women in society which kils the dreams and aspirations of many women who can shine and fly high bringing laurels to the society.Its a tough job and requires change of mindset of the patriarchal society which is a long way to go.”

By addressing the people in kinds words Vinita Goniyal said,
“We all can do anything if wehave the desire,passion and confidence to do so.Don’t stop yourself from doing so,help each other as much as each one can because nothing can give you so much satisfaction as you get in wiping the tears and infading the fears of the needy person other side .A positive attitude towards Life and society is the only key to every problem of life .Being a women my message to all the young girls and their families would be that beti bachao,beti padhao is not sufficient in current times rather than it should be Beti bachao,beti padhao aur unhe apne pairo par khada kar atmanirbhar banao.This will only assure the way for her future life.”

Brief Introduction of Inner wheel club :

Inner Wheel, founded by Mrs. Oliver Golding in 1924, is the world’s largest voluntary women service organization consisting mainly of women.
International Inner Wheel is one of the largest women’s service voluntary organisations in the world and are active in more than 104 countries.
International Inner Wheel has three key objectives:

01. To Promote True Friendship
02. To Encourage the Ideals of Personal Service
03. To Foster International Understanding
Any woman who shares the three central aims of International Inner Wheel can join the organisation.

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