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Vani Bharadwaj President Inner Wheel Club of Varanasi Mitram extends her support to the needy in this Covid-19 pandemic

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Vani Bharadwaj President of Inner Wheel Club of Varanasi Mitram extends her support to the needy in this Covid-19 pandemic

Hello Womeniya Inner Wheel Desk North India 

In our Inner wheel Social entrepreneur series in this episode, we are introducing you to a very dynamic and popular social Entrepreneur of the Inner wheel who firmly believes in Social service and charity work. Yes, we are talking about Vani Bharadwaj, President of Inner Wheel Club of Varanasi Mitram, Dist- 312. She shared her Pandemic Projects details with Hello Womeniya Correspondent Radhika Joshi.

About IWC District 312 :

IWC District 312 one of the most important districts of the Inner wheel which had a strong presence in Uttar Pradesh in big cities and districts such as Lucknow, Varanasi, Sultanpur, Allahabad, Azamgarh, Faizabad, Gorakhpur, and many more. This District comprises more than 50 Clubs. IWC 312 performed well during this difficult time of pandemic and came forward to support pandemic-affected people during the lockdown.

For the last several years, joining the inner wheel has made a lot of change felt in itself. The inner wheel is the world’s largest women’s organization. She is also a member of it. As the inner wheel’s motto is service and friendship, both these words have come deeply entered into her inner self.

There are many issues in society on which you must think again and again but you are not able to do anything. But this organization helps you to do your thoughts openly. As we said, there are a lot of issues. Our society is divided into many economic classes. The lower economic income class is high and their needs are also high. They also have a large population. They need financial help every moment from others. Sometimes they need help to earn a living, sometimes for the education of children, sometimes for their daughter’s marriage, etc. The Inner Wheel association has proved to be a boon for such people. Just contacting us meets their needs. For example, at their daughter’s wedding, they should be given the same as their conformity, food items, etc. To make school-going children aware of their studies by giving bicycles, to participate in economic development by providing sewing machines for livelihood. At the same time, they are offered a variety of professional courses.

Not only that, but they also go to the orphanage and provide happiness for the mother and children there. Last year, when there was a period all over the country that no one was aware of, she became the President of that pandemic session. With the lockdown in the country since March-April, the economic situation has taken a huge turn for all the middle class and lower-middle classes. In that case, we gave women a variety of online certificate courses under skill development. E.g., Madhubani Painting, Mandala Art, Clay Pot Art, Sewing Course, Henna Course, Beautician Course, Calligraphy, etc. This is a course where women can earn their livelihood by practicing continuously. Some income may be continuous.

Further, they have given five thousand rupees continuously for the higher education of two girls. Because children are the future of the country. It is also our responsibility to educate them.
During her tenure, she chose Sadalpur, a village just 8 kilometers from Varanasi. There she saw that there was a well where all the girls and women of the village take a bath. They built a room to change women’s clothes on that well. Then, they installed a solar light there. Because there is no electricity till date. moreover distributed warm clothes in winter. She also contributed as much as possible to the marriage of the daughter of a rural woman. Seeing all this, she cannot share the happiness of the people there.

Charity projects During Lockdown :

In the pandemic session, there were a total of 13 clubs in Varanasi and conducted several projects. One of which is very useful for protecting our environment. A variety of trees were planted in one acre of land. And it was a great pleasure to do so. Are witnesses to the howl for oxygen today in all corners of the country.

The girls of the orphanage were given laptops for their higher education. Utensils were given for use at the orphanage. All these actions bring them a lot of happiness. Human life has not gone in vain, it came in the use of human beings. If every human being is determined to prepare only 5 people in their life for their livelihood, the format of our society will change. And, in this lifetime, we have almost been able to make about five women financially self-reliant by taking employable courses.

Brief Introduction of Inner Wheel :

International Inner Wheel is one of the largest women’s service voluntary organisations in the world and is active in more than 104 countries
International Inner Wheel has three key objectives:

To Promote True Friendship
To Encourage the Ideals of Personal Service
To Foster International Understanding
Any woman who shares the three central aims of the International Inner Wheel can join the organisation. This Organisation had a strong presence in India having more than three Thousand Clubs in every District.

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