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Sakuntala President Inner Wheel Club of Calcutta Mega City, Dist-329 providing Oxygen Concentrators in the second wave of Covid pandemic

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Hello Womeniya Inner Wheel News Desk Kolkata :

In our Inner wheel Social entrepreneur series in this episode we are introducing you to a very dynamic and popular social entrepreneur of IWC who firmly believes in Social service and charity work yes we are talking about Sakuntala Chanda President of Inner Wheel Club of Calcutta Mega City Dist-329 stepped in with precautions to support Covid affected in this lockdown.

Brief Introduction of IWC :

International Inner Wheel Club is an international women’s Social organisation to create friendship, service, and understanding. It has clubs in over 100 countries with over 100,000 members.IWC has a very strong presence in India. It has more than 3000 thousand clubs in Urban and rural India. Since the Covid 19 Pandemic breaks out Inner wheel club launched a charity campaign worldwide.

Notably, the Inner wheel club is an active and vibrant organisation that aids the poor and needy people even in nature’s calamity.

In the 1st Outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic’, Inner wheel club India ensured
Its helping hand in the distribution
If essential items to the needy and poor.

Amid this Covid-19 2nd Wave pandemic, everyone is going through dilemmas and the Inner Clubs are trying to minimize it

Needless to mention Inner wheel clubs have accomplished numerous significant social projects in medical, vocational, educational, and many other areas of endeavor.
Amid this Pandemic, they are providing benefits to the needy ones.

Even in the 1st Wave of the pandemic Inner Wheel Club has risen to the grim situation and distributed essential items to the needy and poor.

Mumbai: IWC of Calcutta Mega City are bestowing their reasonable to procure services even in the pandemic to society

Inner Wheel Club of Calcutta Mega City took over the project Anurathi as the lead club along with 42 more clubs of Dist 329.
The main motive of this project is to extend support to desired Covid or Non-Covid Patients around the city with oxygen concentrators support at home. With 5 liters and 10 Liter oxygen concentrators being sent to patients across the city, the project aims at giving safety and relief to anyone who requires oxygen support at home.

This project is inspired by their very own District Chairman Anita Ghosh. Apart from the clubs extending benevolent support many individuals came forward with their support and have made this project a success. In the last 10 days from flagging off the project, they have extended support to about 4 beneficiaries and we are getting continuous calls from different parts of the state for requirements. Presently they have 11 concentrators being sent around for use.

Brief introduction of District 329-

The pioneer in the Eastern Indian subcontinent (erstwhile territory extended to West Bengal, North Eastern States of India, and Bangladesh). They belong to the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India and are an International Inner Wheel district made up of clubs in south Bengal and the Inner Wheel Club of Port Blair, Andaman in the Bay of Bengal. The total strength is 54 clubs and 1,570 members. A few of the clubs include Contai, Calcutta Junction, Calcutta Mahanagar, North Calcutta, Metro Maidan, Calcutta Mega City, Serampore, Southwest Calcutta, and various others.

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