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Sakuntala Mohanty President Inner-Wheel Club of Jaraka District-326 shared her charitable projects details amid pandemic with Hello Womeniya

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Women Social  entrepreneurs and business are leaving their mark on the world. By creating successful companies, they are contributing to the betterment of the economy. Female entrepreneurship is vital for our future. Collectively we can make a change by closing the gap between men and women in the workforce.
India   has produced a number of women entrepreneurs in Social field in the recent decades. They have ventured into various domains and widened their arena into many healthcare,  branding, Social services,  etc. Maharashtra  notably has the highest number of women entrepreneurs in India.

Hello Womeniya. Com  always has a very special corner for the women, and the news portals  is working towards the women-empowerment right from the inception. Hello Womeniya’s main objective is to promote women entrepreneurs and create their digital identity on  online platform.  The woman plays a very important role in our society, she is a housewife, a mother, a friend, a colleague for a long time, and now she also plays the role of businesswoman, entrepreneur and politician. Women have started spreading their wings and there is nothing that can stop them now.

In our Inner wheel Social entrepreneur series in this episode we are introducing you a very dynamic and and popular social Entrepreneur of Inner wheel who firmly believes in Social service and charity work yes we are talking about Sakuntala Mohanty who is current president of IWC Jaraka She shared her Entrpreuner and Inner wheel Journey with Hello Womeniya Correspondent Ruchika Sawant.

Mrs. Sakuntala Mohanty a social activist. I am now the President of Jaraka Inner-Wheel Club of District-326. My Club’s Chatter number is 6099. This club is One of the vibrant clubs of the district in respect of various social activities and projects; under taken in previous years as well as in the current year.
Needless to mention, due to Covid 19 pandemic situation, from the month of March 2021, social gathering and other social activities almost stopped. All the members of our club were in panic and disappointed, about running of the club in this critical period. It had been a challenging task for me to face the situation to render the service to the society as a president of a Club. Our district chairman Mrs. Ina Purohit encouraged all the presidents of the Club to think out if the box in executing the club’s activities abiding by all the covid precautions. Also our IW President Dr. Bina Vyas inspired us through her theme; “LEAD THE CHANGE” and the inspiration of the association president Vasudha Chandrachud through a ray of “HOPE”.

Service Projects amid pandemic  :-

1) Doctor’s day was celebrated at the Govt. hospitals where doctors were felicitated.
2) To beat the Covid pandemic, 3000 nos of Masks, 200 bottles of sanitisers & 04 nos. of PPE kits were distributed
amongst the paramedical staff, covid-warriors and to the public.
3) Donated 2 Nos of wheel chairs at the community health centres.
4) Installed 11 Nos of cemented dustbins at public places on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.
5) Cleaning of market places, temple premises and other public places was done under Swachh Bharat program.
6) Environmental activities were undertaken by planting trees along the road side, temple premises, school
premises etc.
7) Formation of an Oxy-park inside the temple premises of Lord Jagannath at Bhalukhai area was done where
numerous Tulsi Plants were planted.
8) Seminars on road safety awareness was organised jointly with Rotary Club of Jaraka.
9) Awareness programs on Child trafficking, environmental hazards, water conservation and Covid 19 were done
by installing hoardings at different public places of the locality.
10) Distributed food packets to the poor at slum areas, orphanages during covid pandemic and also cooked food
to the needy.
11) Distributed school bags, study materials viz, Books, Note books, pencils, erasers, Pencil-sharpners to the
Primary school students.
12) Financially helped one girl child for her higher studies.
13) Organised trekking program amongst the Inner wheel members, college girls and members of Women NGOs,
on the occasion of International Women’s Day celebration.
14) Donated 02 Nos. of sewing machines to the poor and needy women of the locality.
15) Distributed umbrellas, blankets in the slum areas of the locality.
16) Actively participated and contributed towards the supply of mufflers to the soldiers of our country deployed
at the border of our country through Inner wheel district.
17) A statue of the father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi was established on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.
18) A damaged and naked dug-well inside the Brahamkumari Centre campus, Jaraka was cleaned and renovated
for day-to-day usage of water.
19) Distribution of Solar energy lights to the needy people in Jaraka locality.
It is a great pleasure to me being a part of Inner Wheel club specially as a President to enhance my leadership qualities despite of various challenges. Also the Organization has helped me and other associates, in developing oneself in Personal as well as professional front.

About IWC District 326:

IWC 326 one of the most important District of Inner wheel having 61 clubs it has a very strong presence in big cities and districts of Odisa and Chhattisgarh, such as Cuttak, Bhubneswar, Bilaspur, Raipur, Durg, Jabalpur, Katni, Balasore ,Puri, Bastar, Jajpur.

Picture Gallery of Service projects :

Brief History of Dis 326:

It is very important to know that how the Inner Wheel 326 took the final shape. Inner Wheel Club of Raipur was organized in 1972. Its Charter President was Mrs. Kanmal Vale Rao. These days the Raipur Club was associated with District-325 (Andhra Pradesh). Mrs. Anita Sen of Inner Wheel Club of Raipur became the District Chairman in the year 1974-75. Till then there were no other clubs in Orissa and undivided Madhya Pradesh. In 1982 Inner Wheel Club of Madhya Pradesh came into existence. In 1984 Inner Wheel Club of Berhampur, Jeypore & Bhubaneswar in Orissa and Seoni in Madhya Pradesh joined the Inner Wheel movements.

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