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Radha Mundlur President Of Inner Wheel Club Dist 316 Bellary Karnataka Shares Her Experience Amid COVID 19 Pandemic Lockdown With Hello Mumbai News Reporter Neha Singh

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Radha Mundlur, President, Inner Wheel Club of Bellary, District 316, Karnataka while sharing her experience amid COVID 19 Pandemic says “I’m a member of Inner Wheel Club Dist. 136 of Bellary since 2014 and till have done many charity work. Though it’s difficult to count, but, I enjoy doing my work. Inner Wheel Club of Bellary is an exceptionally recognized organisation for all the charitable service and other activities. Inner Wheel Club of Bellary Chartered no 1552 was established on 16th April 1971. This is the “Golden Year” ear is the of IWC Bellary.
Mrs Mundlur further mentioned that “in this pandemic situation the Inner Wheel Club has been exceptionally active. As a member of Inner Wheel Club, Mundlur says that her Club has done a lot of charity work and project to help the needy and deserving people. The Wheel of Charity has been rolling since1971. Mrs Mundlur also stated that COVID-19 pandemic period has made our regular work difficult because of the risk to get affected. However Inner Wheel Club did not stop its work for the public. They had distributed 100 PPE KITS to D group Labour in Dental College costing more than Rs.50,000/- They have also distributed Food for 15 days. Besides this, they have distributed Ration Kits to the Needy People.
She further added that they have distributed Masks to the Labourers and had planted 140 trees amid lockdown under “PLANTATION PROGRAMME”. They had also undertaken the project of Sanitizing Streets and also sanitized the streets of Bellary.
Remarkably, they have even donated Cash and given New Clothes to Physically Disabled Children. She is indebted to Senior Past District Chairman (PDC) Members- Mrs.Rama Anand Rao, Mrs Suraiya Khalil, Mrs Asfia Umair and Mrs Geeta Ravindra Naidu. Along with PDC, all the club members are also very active and supportive in this initiative of helping people says Mrs Mundlur. All said, Mrs Mundlur is a Housewife and a proud mother of two daughters. She said that in her journey of social service, her husband has supported a lot. She is greatful to her family for their whole-hearted support. Their confidence in her gives her the required boost.
“Her main aspiration is to support people to help them to improve the lives of the people in need and to give them an independent life filled with dignity and spirituality”
On speaking about her Personal Views on Covid-19, she stated that it teached us the value of life, family and our loved ones. She says “ Don’t Panic, Stay Calm”. Believe In Yourself. Everything Will be Alright.

  • News Report by Neha Singh
  • Proofread By Anisha Nandan

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