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Mumbai NGO Mahila Suraksha Sanstha Founder Ms. Munira Khan Shares Her Covid-19 Induced Lockdown Experience

Written by Hello Womeniya

Munira Khan Founder & President of Mahila Suraksha Sanstha has been working for welfare of women for the last many years. Alongside her subordinate she has been working for also working for people amid lockdown. She said that, people nearby are contacting her for help and she willingly provides them with basic items like food packages and meals.

Munira in continuation said, “I have a pet at my home so in lockdown I came to understand how animals feel when we close them in one room or in small space. So in this lockdown we humans are feeling it. People are also facing problem of unemployment. In my Sanstha many females who were working have also stopped. All the female were working as house keeper, selling clothes and food stall etc. But now, they all are helpless. No job so no money. How will they give food to their child is the most painful part of lockdown.”

These were the issues discussed between Munira Khan and Shikha Singh, Hello Womeniya News reporter. She has also tried to help some of her subordinates.

Furthermore she said, “I tried to provide food packages and ration to the people around me. I didn’t visit many places because it’s not convenient to go out as it will be violation of law. So I contacted few people and with their help served people who came from different states for medical purpose or visited for any other reasons. They need help because they are far away from their family.”
She also opened up on her suggestion on lockdown and on migrant labourers.

She says, “If government had thought about labourers prior to announcement of lockdown, they would have given few days to all labourers to move to their native place. Government has not been responsible for any migrants. Even the government never gave a thought about labourers and because of that, many labourers died while returning back to their village. So now the government is responsible for everything that has happened.”

She further added, “Labourers faced lot of hassles in this lockdown. They all stay in one house within minimum 5 to 6 person. So how will they manage to live without any work? So they left for village.”
She also added, “People are suffering from various problems. They need to be strong, keep patience and fight with this pandemic. During this lockdown there is also an increase in violence against women. So this needs to be stopped.

Munira Khan has been supporting and helping many people during this lockdown and also through her NGO she is doing great work for the welfare of women.

In the end, she says, “STAY HOME STAY SAFE and follow all the precautionary measures for safety.”

News Report by: Shikha Singh.

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