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Mumbai Dr Vaishali Wadhe Chairperson Education Committee Trans Asian Chamber Runs Internship For Engineering Students And Robotics Class For School Students Amid Lockdown

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Covid-19 pandemic as big as World War III has dwindled the Economy and have impacted on the engineering students and it is likely that many of them would face problem in getting jobs. Some of them would be rendered jobless amid lockdown.

Hello Mumbai News reporter Ayushi Kedia chanced to talk to Dr.Vaishali Wadhe, Founder of Widyyarjan LLP and Associate Professor in KJ Somaiya Institute of Engineering & Information Technology, Sion, and a Chairperson of Education Committee in Trans Asian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Speaking to Ayushi, Dr. Vaishali said, to minimize such crisis, she is considering the scenario for the unemployed engineer’s and also the employee who may get detained from their company because of less work, demand production in the country post Covid-19.

Hence for them, she has stepped forward to help Engineering students along with many faculties to help in building up their skills to not to lack in any way in getting job due to corona virus.

For productive and fruitful for the students, she is running various webinars. She is also running Internship program for Engineering Students and Robotics Classes. She stated that the All Indian Council for Technical Education (AICTE) have made Internships mandatory every students, to make them familiar with the technologies in the industries and to increase their capability in getting employed in better companies. NHRD has launched a policy for technical faculties to have their own start up called National innovative start up policy.

Dr. Vaishali also claimed that Trans Committee is connected with many countries across the globe, therefore, last year she was invited by University of Mauritius. After getting positive response, University of Mauritius and Trans Committee shared a good memorandum for the exchange of knowledge, exchange of students and both together to conduct various kinds of exhibitions and conferences. This generates lot of help for the young Engineers and Entrepreneurs.

She added, to prevent any physical contact and to maintain the track among students in getting jobs, she came up with an idea to provide knowledge of IOT to design and its purpose and to design , intellectual properties, designing techniques and many more.

She is privileged for this Internship program to both Indians and Mauritius with the help of online platform zoom.
The Internship program costs around Rs.500.

Hence she received a positive result from both the countries of students and faculties and also three industries involved during this program like earning global solutions as it’s provides information of machines and their learning techniques etc. as well as many expert faculty of Mauritius joined the program to help students.

She further added that during this journey, the major challenge is teaching students through technology. In normal time learning of handling instruments and knowing about their components and concepts was easy to understand. But this problem got tackled easily as they were interested and was full of enthusiasm. So they were eagerly keeping track of each thing by researching themselves also.
But for the students who are involved in Chemical Engineering are facing great problem as some experiments have to be performed in the labs.

She further added that the consequences could be good or bad post Covid-19. Nobody knows this, but according to her there is chance that due to crisis of job or unemployment many Indian residents can return to India and obviously they would be more skilled and qualified than Indian people.

Therefore, outsiders may create a positive impact if they setup their own business instead of taking up any jobs as they can provide jobs to Indian unemployed people also. It would be an opportunity for grabbing moment for young engineers especially in setting up their own business. Government won’t take interest till one year. Also government will play major role in investing into their businesses because the main reason is in returning to India.

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