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Mrs Sundarya Secretary Of Inner Wheel Club Nizamabad Of District 315 Shares Her Charity Work Experience Amid Lockdown

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Mrs Sundarya, Secretary of Inner Wheel Club and Ex-Chairperson, I.W.C, Nizamabad Telangana, Dist. 315; Social Entrepreneur, while speaking to Hello Mumbai News reporter Anisha Nandan says “Our World is suffering from COVID crises which is making a huge loss. This type of situation is very rare. I didn’t expect something like this would occur.” During this pandemic though it was a difficult situation, her Club carried out exemplary work.Apart from being an housewife, she is also working with the Club and till date, has participated in various charity activities.

The Club provided Groceries worth Rs. 45,000 to the underprivileged families. Mrs Sundarya also mentions that they have provided refreshment to the police personnel on duty. According to her, police personnel are one of those personalities who are staring Coronavirus on the baren road protecting people with all their power alongwith doctors.

As Mrs Sundarya already mentioned that something like Coronavirus has never occurred before, so, she was unaware that it would instill so much humanity in people’s heart. Many people came out to help others. This deeply motivated her.

Her Club also conducted awareness camp in Nizamabad, Telangana. She further said, that as a wife of a Doctor, a member of Inner Wheel Club and as a responsible citizen of India, it is her prime duty to take care of the affected people and spread awareness among them.


News Report By Anisha Nandan

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