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Entrepreneur Of Surat City Mrs. Kailash Solanki Talks About Her Experience And Humanitarian Work Amid COVID-19 Induced Lockdown With Hello Womeniya News Correspondent Neha Singh

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While Interacting with  Hello Womeniya News Correspondent Neha Singh, Mrs. Kailash Solanki stated that people are scared and panicking due to this novel Corona virus i.e. Covid-19 pandemic.
Initially, people thought took it as a rumor. Nevertheless, she made them aware about the seriousness of the pandemic.
Mrs. Kailash Jitesh Solanki, BJP Secretary, Surat City, is a member of Women Safety Committee- Home Department- Government of Gujarat. She is also the Secretary of Radheshyam Charitable Trust. She is the Vice President of Alliance Club Of Surat – ‘One Step.’
Besides these, she is the proud recipient of the National Award 2019 (Florence Nightingale Nurses Award) for Special Volunteer’s activities.
She further stated that MLA Harsh Sanghavi and many members including her newly opened “Atal Samvedna Covid Hospital” of 182 oxygen cylinders and facilitates beds. In her team there are many expert doctors and excellent staff members who are working with all their Heart and Soul to make the patients fit and fine. They are providing medicines and treating people free of cost.
For Gujarat Nursing Staff they had dispensed sanitizers, PPE kits, hand gloves, face Shields and Masks. They had provided food to Civil Hospitals in association with several NGOs. She motivated her Nursing Staff.
She further went on to add that 90% of the COVID patients died because of lack of oxygen. Then she recommended to NGOs for distribution of Oxygen bottles. There are many NGOs distributing oxygen bottles to the COVID patients and hospitals. They recommended pulse oximeter to the people who can afford it. Mostly it is needed in corona affected areas.
She also mentioned that in Rajanpur they had distributed medicines, Ration kits, folding beds and essential commodities to the people by visiting door to door for checking them and provided medicines to them.
Mrs. Solanki was also tested COVID Positive. She was under home quarantine for many days. In that home quarantine she didn’t sit ideal. She took part in many webinars and created awareness regarding Covid-19.
No sooner she recovered; she didn’t have a single thought of not serving people. She immediately started treating her patients.
Furthermore she said that the family members of old age people with COVID positive abandon them thinking it’s a big problem. In many villages, people consider them untouchable because they have been tested positive.
Her specific appeal is to calm down everyone by saying, “When we speak with people with a smile and confidence it’s sufficient for them to cool down.” Please don’t abandon the members of your family who test positive; help them emotionally and support them so that they can recover fast.
When asked about challenges faced by her as a nurse she replied, “At the start I didn’t take any precautionary measures, but slowly made all the arrangements.
I appealed to people not to step out for any social gatherings as they will be staking their lives. Later when lockdown was imposed, they felt it was unnecessary and will affect them economically. Everyone was facing many issues, but it was necessary to convince them to stay indoors. Anyone who visited hospital, I made them aware about seriousness of pandemic and asked them to create awareness amongst others too, to stay indoors and maintain social distancing.”
It was a challenging task for her. She did her level best for people.
She quoted – “While all the people around the world are having great time with their family we are not at home because we have to save lives so that you can stay safe at home.”
Her message to people is they need to have confidence in them, and should eat healthy food and exercise well. Whatever problem one has, they should visit doctor and get the tests done. Face the problem instead of hiding it; hiding the problem is not the answer. If one hides the problem (symptoms) then their family is at risk of being affected too. People should help Covid positive patients not in every way but at least emotionally support them. They need us.
This is how Nurse Kailash Solanki regardless of facing many challenges is ready to serve people. She did her level best and she is always on toes to treat people out. Doctors and nurses are real heroes. Mrs. Solanki is endowed with 25 years of experience in her nursing profession and for 24 years she has been into charity serving at various rural areas.
Mere words are inadequate to compliment for their enormous efforts and their zeal, zest and endeavor for humanitarian work amid any unavoidable circumstances.

News Correspondent: Neha Singh.

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