Meet UK based Sunita Shroff Advisor Speaker Vendor’s Venues & Partner AWBS International Women’s Club speaks to Hèllo Womeniya on her career journey

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Sunita Shroff Advisor Speaker Vendor’s Venues & Partner
AWBS International Women’s Club speaks to Hèllo Womeniya on her career journey

Brief Introduction of Sunita Shroff :

Section 1.

Hello Womeniya : Tell Something about yourself?
Sunita: “I was blossomed in Athens Greece and my my mom turned widow in her very early age and moved to the sunshine of Greece. She was a Nurse in a School and we lived a very free and bohemian life. Actually it was a huge move as a child to be seperated from family nevertheless, it was a really wonderful country to move to. Frankly speaking, Greece is still one of my all time favourite country. The people, the culture, the history, the beaches and the sunshine! It’s all simply Fantastic!

2.Hello Womeniya: After quitting home what was your next step (Early Adulthood)?

Sunita: “The first thing I did was to try and get into drama school which wasn’t my wish. Officially, I was an overseas student. But, the fees was so astronomical, my dream of drama school went on hold until my late 20’s. Then I could have very well afforded to go to a night school, ironically, it just wasn’t the same.

3. Hello Womeniya : How did you end up living at your present address? (Mid Adulthood-now) Please brief us on your current life and family.

Sunita: “I moved back to London U.K.when I was 16 years and worked for Harrods and Harvey Nichols in the world of fashion prior to shifting to real estate. There I was approached to be a property expert on a TV show.

While not filming I was happily working for BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) and finally became pregnant.

Since we needed more space which is at a premium in London, we moved out to the country and that’s where I found the wonderful AWBS where I was a member for 6 glorious years!

Section 2:
Hello Womeniya: Your role in drama (this could be in theatre tv, film or some other aspect of the ‘dramatic’ world)
Please answer at least 5 of 10 of the following questions below(approximately 75-150 words per answer)
1. How and when did you aspire to be a part of the dramatic world?
Sunita: I think it was always a part of my life. At school I was alway involved with productions and drama was something that I looked forward to and loved learning about. In fact my role as Miranda in Shakepeares The Tempest really confirmed that. (Pic on its way) I really loved doing musicals but I just wasn’t an all rounder so I didn’t pursue it. (I was in a school production of West Side story)
2. Hello Womeniya: Which has been the biggest obstacle that you had to stumble?
I think it was really the fact that we didn’t have the option of a grant having lived abroad for so many years and we just couldn’t afford the fees for the UK drama schools. Its tough getting an agent when you haven’t been to drama school. I managed but it was really tough and persistence is key!

3.Hello Womeniya: Could you please throw light on your first big break?
Sunita: It was QVC the shopping channel! I had a real great year there. It’s pretty hard to present/sell than it looks. I still love shopping over there!

4.Hello Womeniya: Who was your mentor and how did they help you?
Sunita: It was Drama teacher Heather Hedley. She always reposed faith in me and taught me to never give up. No matter what, everyone should always try and make their dreams come true. Her guidance and encouragement was incredible.

5.Hello Womeniya: Sunita could you elaborate on your most exciting role, the biggest job in drama?
It was my role as presenter for BBCs “Get A New Life” which was helping people relocate and follow their dreams. I loved being a part of such a life changing event and helping them achieve it!

6.Hello Womeniya: In Drama, who has been the most famous person you have worked with or met?

7. Sunita: I had the privilege of having worked alongside many famous people at BAFTA through their events. It was a pleasure sharing space in a TV Series “Fortunes of War” with Emma Thompson and Ken Branagh. In fact it was while filming in Greece for “Fortunes of War” they met and fell in love . I was just a young student and I recollect thinking “wow this is what I want to do always”.

7. Hello Womeniya: Sunita please tell us which has been the most interesting or “unique”venue where you performed or worked in?

Sunita: BAFTA for sure! The hallowed walls of this great British Institution located in Piccadilly could tell a tale or two. I just love walking through the corridors and meeting and greeting members and guests. It was a privilege to work there.

8.Hello Womaniya: Have you ever been reviewed? Which was the best review and the worst?

Sunita: I am quite lucky that the reviews have always been quite positive as for the most part they were reviewing the premise of the show and the success of the show so I tended to get quite good feedback! God only knows how the stars cope when they get slated for their performances. Luckily or unluckily I am not in their league!

9. Any awards? Tell us!

Sunita: Well I have received a few of them for others! So not really any from the world of film and television! I did receive a WAW award (women appreciating women) for my work fund raising and supporting women in business and women in charities.

10. Hello Womeniya: Sunita, finally, what else should we know/should we have asked you about your life in drama?

Sunita: I am also heavily involved with “You Can Free US fighting Human trafficking”. This was a film we had made and runs only for 90 seconds. This short film today is in honour of all the amazing women in your life who live in freedom AND also for all those millions of women kept as Slaves around the world. Be their voice always !
We are also into Events & Fundraising.Working to end human trafficking.

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