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Renuka Kad Social Entrepreneur Of Maharashtra , ,Advocate, Researcher, Trainer, Counsellor and Writer.

Women Social  entrepreneurs and business are leaving their mark on the world. By creating successful companies, they are contributing to the betterment of the economy. Female entrepreneurship is vital for our future. Collectively we can make a change by closing the gap between men and women in the workforce.
India has produced a number of women entrepreneurs in Social field in the recent decades. They have ventured into various domains and widened their arena into many healthcare,  branding, Social services,  etc. Maharashtra  notably has the highest number of women entrepreneurs in India.

Hello Womeniya. Com  always has a very special corner for the women, and the news portals  is working towards the women-empowerment right from the inception. Hello Womeniya’s main objective is to promote women entrepreneurs and create their digital identity on  online platform.  The woman plays a very important role in our society, she is a housewife, a mother, a friend, a colleague for a long time, and now she also plays the role of businesswoman, entrepreneur and politician. Women have started spreading their wings and there is nothing that can stop them now.

In our  Social entrepreneur series in this episode we are introducing you a very dynamic and  popular social Entrepreneur of Maharashtra  who firmly believes in Social service and charity work yes we are talking about Renuka Kad She shared her  Entrpreunerial  Journey with Hello Womeniya

File picture of Renuka kad with Migrants workers during pandemic.

No one can stop you from achieving your goals if you have a strong desire to persue it. In life everything we think actually matters.If we are seeking success we must think successful ,inspiring and motivating thoughts I always follow…… All our dreams can come true if we have courage to persue them  … Walt Disney .

Renuka Kad has an Indomitable zeal zest and endeavour for learning. Upon completion of her schooling from Municipal Corporation School and thereafter a Master in Social Work from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University she opted to pursue a PG Diploma in Human Rights from the Indian Institute of Human Rights, Delhi in 2005
while working in the city. She worked as a Centre Coordinator in the Childline Project of Union Ministry of Women and Child Development till 2006.
Renuka has also shown her angst against domestic violence while working as a Counsellor for a Women’s Cell across Aurangabad. She received lot of appreciation for work which took it forward in 22 districts of Maharashtra. Presently, she is associated with two organization in Mumbai as Regional Head for Western India ; Vikas Adhyayan Kendra which deals with human rights research, training and advocacy, Community Development Trust for rural health mainly awareness of menstrual hygiene among girls and women and right to water.

Renuka affirms that the issue of rights and safety of single women parents like widows, unmarried and deserted women, though very crucial is being neglected.
She adds that these Women despite occupying 31% of the total population, however, they do not have any legal rights. She is also the State Coordinator of the Drafting Committee of Single Women Policy.

Renuka Kad at Fish workers Event, Sindhu Durg District.

It was on 7th Jan 2020, when she submitted the Draft of the First policy to the State Government of Maharashtra.

“What made her take up the particular cause?
Sez Renuka, “I have seen my mother’s struggle being a single parent since childhood and it has given her adequate courage to deal with threats, abuses, violence and other such experiences while working against injustice in society”.

Renuka also works directly in the field of Cyber Crime against women and children, LGBTQI+ rights of transgender women.

Notably, it was due to her intervention and advocacy with the Government of Maharashtra that on 9th June 2020 Government of Maharashtra formed the first “Transgender Welfare Board’. She is even part of Aurangabad Municipal Corporation for a step towards the employment of transgender community under smart city project.

She is constantly working with Fisherfolk Community in Maharashtra on fisherfolk rights of livelihood. It is her initiative that Sindhudurg fish worker women form their own forum for their rights i,e Devgard Macchmari Mahila Sanghatan.

Notably, in 2016 she was invited to BRICS Summit on Right to Food- Public Food distribution in Goa where she presented a research paper. Since then, she is working in this field. Currently she is the representative and Member of FIAN – Food First Information and Action Research. This network works in 67 countries. She is also a member of the Asia Pacific Research Network and Asia Pacific Network of Environment Defenders.
Renuka has travelled extensively to work for the deprived community. She is a well- known issue based writer.

Renuka’s recent book “Lockdown Dairy” which focusses on lockdown impact on various sector is very popular. Amid the lockdown, she walked 600km with migrated peoples. Till this second year of lockdown, she has distributed food kits and ready to cook food for marginal community members, transgender, and sex worker women across Maharashtra with the support of donors and friends.
Renuka has written many books and articles in print and electronic media. For her work she has been honoured with many awards for her contribution towards social work.

The Coveted Awards are:
1. Lokmat Sakhi Sanman 2018 for her contribution towards women and child development work (Lokmat Group).
2. Sakal Award for her contribution in Social work field (Sakal Group).
3. Nationalist Congress Party 2018 award for her contribution towards women and child development work.
4. MGM Sakshama Sanman 2019 for her contribution towards women and child development work.
5. Manushyabal Vikas Lokseva Academy’s State level Award Nariratn Gaurav Puraskar 2020
6. Perfect Achiever Award October 2020
7. Corona Warrior Award Nov 2020 from Forever Star India Award
8. The Real Super Woman Award in Nov 2020 from Forever Star India Award
9. Savitribai Dadasaheb Falke Women for Women Achiever Award Dec 2020
10. Commonwealth University of Tonga’s Asia Pacific Excellence Award 2020
11. IAWA Cornoa Yodha Sanman Jan 2021
12. Her ka Hunar Award March 2021
13. Rajmata Jijau Purskar by Avishakar Foundation 2021
14. Women Dedication Award by JCD Vidyapeeth Sirsa, Harayana 2021
15. Rajasthan Media’s Remarkable Women Award 2021
16. Nirvan Foundation’s International ICON Award 2021
17. National Human Right Organizations Indian ICON Award 2021
18. KTK Foundation Bharat Ratna Award 2021
19. Lakki Business club Achiver Award 2021
20. Foxcules Research & Marketing Pvt Ltd., Dailyhunt and The Chronical’s India Prime Award 2021 for Cyber World and Children Security.

News Input by Dr. Suraina Malhotra Europe Chapter Head of Hello Womeniya

News Edit by K.V.Raman

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