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Meet Ratna Roy chaudhary President Inner wheel club of Umbergaon Dist 306, shared her Service projects and realistic lockdown experience with Hello Womeniya News

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News Input by:- Janvi Panjwani

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Ratna Roy Chaudhary  while elaborating her detailed Charity work said that,
” We the member of Innerwheel Club of Umbergaon are really blessed to get a very special opportunity to serve our society in this pandamic periods. We have conducted different projects on Health & Hygene such as distribution of immunity boosters like jaggery & Ginger powder , Kadho Ukado to the local people as well as to the industries workers , jointly organising blood donation camp twice in a year, distribution mask & sanitizers to the vegetable vendors , providing nutritious food to the very needy workers of railway construction at umbergaon .We were happy to conduct a project at old age home by providing them with winter wear lunch & necessary kits & we have also brought smile on the face of Orphan kids by celebrating Diwali with them . We were blessed to send 125 Rakhis to our beloved soldiers at 6 different borders on Rakshabandhan .We added two new members to our club .We were really excited to create IW Forest on DC Sneha Jain’s Birthday .Competition was held on Teacher’s day. The seminar on Breast feeding & Awareness of sexual Harassment & International Accupressure was done of 10 days .The fees of a needy girl of std II & the fees of a very poor & needy college girl was given by our club . We have taken care for Animals too by providing 4 Automatic Water bowls at Talasari Gaushala which prevents water wastage & cattles can drink unlimited water at a time . ”

Ratna Roy Chaudhary further added, “Our Upcoming Projects …
1. Wheel Chair to a handicapped girls of age 12.

2.Leg Operated Automatic Sanitizer Machine”

When Hello Womeniya News asked what type of challenges she faced during the lockdown Ratna Rai added, “We had faced extremely stressed due to continuous exposure of dead bodies on TV news , our surrounding , regularly information about Covid 19 made us extremely stressed & worried even now in each and friends group & local media group continually hearing about death case were extremely horrible & stressfull & for this reason mental health was at risk & on the other side social connection was limited & therefore social isolation was one of the biggest health & mental problems too but we the members of Innerwheel Club did not stopped to complete our targeted projects . We faced all challenges & must say we are still facing but we know that there is a silver lining at every end .”

By addressing the people in by kinds words Ratna Rai conveyed that,” I would want to let people know that during this tough time we need to stand and be each other’s strength. We have to take care of each other and specially those who really need our help like stray animals, people who are disabled and those who has no one to take care of themselves, all of them are our responsibility to take care of.
Only then we will get through this pandemic.
Be safe take care of yourselves and let’s all pray together for the betterment of this current situation.”

Brief Introduction of Ratna Roy Chaudhary  :

Presently I am President of IWC  of Umbergaon . Dist 306. Dedicated Teacher since 1992.At Present Principal of Ace Onyx English School Vevji , Maharashtra , was awarded as Best Principal in 2018 .I am running on line business of ladies Garments. For my involvement in social work in this pandamic period Recently I am honored by Human Right Association & Sankalp Trust , which was really overwhelming. Proud mother of only daughter Miss Roma Roychaudhary , Wife of Mr. Amit Roy Chaudhary .
I have joined Innerwheel Club in the year 2012-13 .
I was an ISO of IW Club of Umbergaon earlier .

Brief Introduction of IWC :

Inner Wheel, founded by Mrs. Oliver Golding in 1924, is the world’s largest voluntary women service organization consisting mainly of women.
International Inner Wheel is one of the largest women’s service voluntary organisations in the world and are active in more than 104 countries.
International Inner Wheel has three key objectives:

01. To Promote True Friendship
02. To Encourage the Ideals of Personal Service
03. To Foster International Understanding
Any woman who shares the three central aims of International Inner Wheel can join the organisation.

Members achieve these aims through Club events, which combine personal service, fundraising, fellowship & fun United by friendship and common aim to serve local community. Members give practical support as well as financial help whenever there is a crisis, whether this occurs locally, nationally or internationally. We works in the area of Womens right, Peace, Mother & Children, Poverty, Education & Disease.
A very well established network Zone – Districrs – Clubs.

About IWC District 306:

Inner wheel District 306 one of the most important IW District which covers big cities and Districts of Gujarat such as Surat, Rajkot, Vapi, Navsari, Ankleshwar, Umergaon and Dhule District of Maharashtra.


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