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Meet Parvathi Vijayakumar President Inner Wheel Club of Nagercoil District 321 she shares her Service Project

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Women Social entrepreneurship is vital for our future. Collectively we can make a change by closing the gap between men and women in the workforce. Entrepreneurs are those adventurous, daredevils who drive deep into the pressing problems of society and try to find solutions to them, not by leaving the responsibilities in the reins of the government or business, but by trying to change systems as a whole and persuading societies to take new initiatives

In our Social Entrepreneur series today we are introducing you a very dynamic and popular Social Entrepreneur of Nagercoil for her remarkable and outstanding performance in social  field particular in Inner Wheel Club  who always believes in Women Empowerment and social entrepreneurship. Yes, we are talking about Mrs. S. Parvathi Vijayakumar, President Inner Wheel Club of Nagercoil, District 321, she shared her Service and Charity Project with Hello Womeniya Correspondent Priyanka Yadav.

Brief Introduction about Parvathi Vijayakumar:

Mrs. S. Parvathi Vijayakumar is a Social Activist and an Active Rotarian. She is the founder of Kanyakumari Kennel Club and Life member of Kennel Club of India. She is the treasurer of Guild of Service and Secretary of Kanyakumari District Agri and Horticulture Society.

Key Highlights of Service Project:

Project 1:

Our club constructed a Bus Shelter @Eraviputhoor Village panchayat with our Club name and District Number with Inner Wheel logo.
The Bus Shelter is constructed with colourful tiles and Non rusted seating bench. And also fixed an Inscription in the name of Inner Wheel Club of Nagercoil.

Beneficiaries: Passengers of the Village
Total Cost: Rs.63,616/

Project 2:

Hand over 3000 disposable face masks to  Nagercoil Corporation Commissioner Mrs. Asha Ajith IAS & Corporation Health Officer Dr. Vijay Chandran. These face masks will be distributed to the Health workers and Cleaning workers.

Beneficiaries: 3000
Amount Spent : Rs.3,900/-

Project 3:

Installed a Bureau(Iron cup boards) with full of dresses named as Dress Bank inside District Collectorate inaugurated by District Collector Shri. Aravind. Collected dresses from members and Ready made shops and kept in the Bureau. The needy people around the District can take dresses from the dress Bank. Our club will refill the Bureau with dresses. District Collectorate will monitor the beneficiaries. This is the first trial in our District and it was appreciated by the Officials and Public.

Amount spent: Rs.47,760/-
Beneficiaries: Soceity in large

Project 4:

Conducted a Mega Covidshield Vaccination camp to the public in and around Nagercoil town. And also gave awareness about the importance of Vaccination to  the people who are not yet put  the vaccination.

Benificiaries: 300
Amount Silent: Rs.2,500/-

Project 5:

Conducted an Women Entrepreneur ship programme to teach the women how to prepare Soap powder, Vessel cleaning powder and Lotion for their domestic use and for business purpose in a lowest cost. Also distributed the produced products among the women of the village. From this training they definitely must have learned a job oriented training helpful for their future .

Beneficiaries: 39
Amount spent: Rs.825

Project 6:

Conducted Mega General, Orthopedic, Dental, Pulmonary and Eye Camps with 28 Doctors in Eraviputhoor Panchayat and Free treatment, free medicines, Spectacles, Eye ointments and Supplements were supplied.

Total Beneficiaries: 303
Amount spent: Rs.13,890/-

Project 7:

Conducted a District level age Category wise Kho Kho Tournament for College and School teams in association with Kanyakumari District Kho Kho Association. 9 Boys Team and 7 Girls Team participated in the tournament. Cups and Certificates were rewarded to the winning teams both to boys and girls team. Our club sponsored Coaching Allowance, and two new Kho-Kho Poles to the District Kho-Kho Association.

Total cost of the project: Rs.20,500/-
Total number of Beneficiaries: Direct: 209
Indirect: More than 2,000 Kho Kho Players.

Project 8:

Removed the damaged floor of Kottavilai Balwadi with Mat finish Vitrified Tiles and contributed Multi Grain Health mix and Biscuit pockets to protect the children of the home from malnutrition.
Beneficiaries: Children: 24
Total project Cost: Rs.22,957/-

Project 9:

Contributed 8 new Smart Phones and a Laptop to financially downtrodden Government school students to help their studies through on line @ the time of Pandemic out break.

No of Beneficiaries: 9
Amount spent: Rs.66,700/-

Project 10:

Donated an Adjustable Cot with Wheels to the Povver Old age home for the convenience to maintain the bed ridden old age people and also provide healthy snacks to them.

Beneficiaries: 38
Amount Spent: Rs.21,750/-

Project 11:

Contributed Inner wears (Bra and Panties) and Churidar set to mentally ill Women.
Description: Contributed 32 Bras and 32 Panties each and 8 Churidar set to mentally ill women in Manolaya Mentally ill home .

Amount spent: Rs.8000/-
Beneficiaries: 8 Women

Project 12:

Contributed an Iron Bureau with locker to safe guard the Certificates and games materials like timer, Weighing Machine Guides and JRC dresses and play things of students with Inner Wheel name & logo to Government High School, Ezhagaram.

Amount spent: Rs.4,900/-
Beneficiaries: 158

Project 13:

Contributed 10Guides and 10 JRC dresses to economically backward students of Government School students.

Amount Spent: Rs.13,100/-
Beneficiaries: 20
10 Girl students
10 Boy students

Project 14:

On account of Mental Health day provided noon meals with Payasam to Manolaya Mentally ill People Home ,Pottaiyadi

Beneficiaries: 78
Amount Spent: Rs.5,000/-

Project 15:

Contributed provisions and multi grain health mix for one month to Poover old age home.

Beneficiaries: 38
Amount Spent: Rs.16,550/-

Project 16:

Our club maintained a Vegetable Garden in Povver Old age home to provide the inmates with healthy Organic Vegetables. An inmate Mr. Krishnan of that home cared the Garden. Our club provided Seeds, Organic Manure and Earth worm Soil in periodical Intervals.

Beneficiaries: 45
Total cost: Rs.2,710

Brief Introduction of International Inner Wheel:

International Inner Wheel  is an international women’s  Social organisation to create friendship, service and understanding. It has clubs in over 100 countries with over 100,000 members. IWC has very strong presence in India. It has more than 3000 thousands clubs in Urban and rural India. Since the Covid-19 Pandemic breaks out Inner wheel club launched charity campaign worldwide. In our Inner wheel Social entrepreneur series in this Episode we are introducing very popular face of IWC, she doesn’t need any kind of Introduction.

About District 321:

District Chairman (for 2021-2022):

Mrs. Cinda Zacharias Jojy

This District is very important in Southern part of India. It covers many District from Kerala, Tamil Nadu and many more parts from South India.

News Compiled by Priyanka Yadav

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