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Meet Johannesburg based Women Entrepreneur and Global Speaker Khomotso Mashalane joins Hello Womeniya as Africa Chapter Head

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Khomotṧo Mashalane expresses gratitude for getting an opportunity to be associated with ‘Hello Womeniya” .

During our recent interview with Khomotso she shared her deep gratitude in being selected a new member to our team. She states, “I am very much thankful to Aleem Shaikh this opportunity speaks volumes especially coming from the founder and editor in chief of Hello Womaniya! Any chance to serve women is a tremendous gift’. She speaks further on the fact that one of her prime purposes to be associated with Hello Womeniya through eradicating socio-economic issues in African countries that affects women, furthermore she expresses that it will be her mission to promote Women Entrepreneurship and promote Economic Women Empowerment globally. She firmly believes in gender equality and empowering women through training, financial boosting, and socio-economic liberation thus creating more platforms for creating more women global icons and leaders.

“I will also ensure that we make ‘Hello Womeniya’ a course truly devoted to Women Entrepreneurs and creators of global Icons.”

Know About Khomotṧo Mashalane – :

Khomotṧo is a globally recognised humanitarian, Global Influencer, Global Icon philanthropist, and women empowerment advocate. For over two decades, she has continued to be instrumental in empowering women from small capacities to leadership positions. Her key focus is researching issues concerning women in leadership, salary disparities between men and women as well as the numerous other social and business equity challenges women face. Through her professional and academic endeavors, Khomotṧo has shown a great vision for humanity and humankind at a core level.

Khomotṧo’s leadership and training programs have empowered countless women to achieve success in their careers. She has helped women shatter the glass ceiling in various industries, from business to technology to healthcare. In addition to her leadership programs. Through her dedication and commitment, Khomotṧo has truly made a difference in the lives of many women around the world.

Khomotṧo Mashalane’s vast and well-rounded career has spanned many different industries and disciplines. However, the one constant throughout her career has been her dedication to serving and uplifting the women around her. Whether it’s through her work as a Business Consultant, Business Coach, or even through her time spent teaching and mentoring young women, Khomotṧo has always put the needs of others first. This commitment to helping others has led her to become an expert in Human Resources, Business Planning, and Personal Development. It’s also what motivates her to continue working hard each day to help businesses reach their full potential. In everything she does, Khomotṧo Mashalane strives to make a positive impact on the lives of the women she encounters. And judging by the success of the businesses she’s helped grow, she’s more than succeeding in that endeavor. Khomotṧo is a powerful leader in the science of society and its inner workings. She has a unique ability to use this knowledge to build global communities. Khomotṧo is a firm believer in business and socio-economic training. She believes that training women in these subjects are the cornerstone of creating a culture of constant exchange of information through learning and teaching to make effective change in small communities. Khomotṧo is a global leader in the empowerment of women, and she is committed to training and empowering women around the world.

Khomotṧo has also served on various boards, namely the Central Gauteng Mental Health Society, United Nations Sustainable Development goal 5 initiatives, and World women Organisation (SA), in addition to being a speaker at global conferences such as Lady Politico Leadership Conferences. Khomotṧo was also appointed as Female Wave of Change ambassador, South Africa. G100 Country Chair-South Africa-WEF (Women Economic Forum) ALL Ladies League. Mission Million 2022, and Global Ambassador- Hearts of Change : South Africa

Khomotṧo lead and organised the Female Wave of Change Global conference where over 250 global leaders convened to discuss the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The conference was a huge success, with participants gaining valuable insights into how they can make a positive impact in their communities. Khomotṧo is passionate about making a difference in the world and empowering others to do the same. She is an excellent example of a strong leader who is making a positive impact in her field.

Accolades: Her Achievements and Recognition:

Award winner-Woman of Vigour

Award inner-UN Sustainable goals speaker(Goal 5)

Former Ambassador-Female Wave of Change

Ambassador-World Women Organisation-South Africa

Global Ambassador (South Africa)- Hearts of Change

Head of Representative Office-International Peoples’ alliance of the world. International Partner of World Business Angel’s Investment Forum- (South Africa)-An affiliated partner of the G20 partnership for financial Inclusion (GPF).

Country Chair-South Africa-G100

National Diploma-Fashion Technology-Fashion Designer. (University of Johannesburg.) FormerWits. Technikon. FWoC (Female Wave of Change)-Women Leading in Change Certificate. Management Development Programme-University of Stellenbosch. Wealth and Health Management (Institute of Health and Risk Management )-Courses-Health Economics, impact of health on the Economy, Clinical Health, Evidence Based Medicine and the Regulatory Framework of the Health Industry.

Summited Mt. Kilimanjaro’s Uhuru Peak in aid of raising funds for the education of those less fortunate.

Featured in Flourish Digital Magazine, USA, Atlanta.( Chloe Morgan Taylor’s Magazine, World renowned lifestyle Strategist )

Advocate of United Nation’s He-For-She. Global Influencer. Global Leader. Global Icon. Global Leader. Member of Council: Edinburgh Business School (Heriot Watt University, Scotland: UK) Master of Science-Human Resources Management-Edinburgh Business School (Heriot Watt University, UK, Scotland) Author. Researching Candidate. Thank

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