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Rashida ‘S Art Work pictures. 

Do you ever wonder seeing a mural who the artist is or how did the artist envision this? Nesting in
Mumbai is one such mural artist named Rashida Dahodwala. Starting her passion for art at the age of 40,
Rashida is one such entrepreneur who wanted to showcase her passion apart from being a housewife.
Born in a small city of Gujarat, Rashida loved to work with colors, brushes, and all the supplies that lead
her to the path of art. “From childhood, Rashida was very keen to learn different things, her headspace
was always into colors rather than academics,” says her mother. She kept her foundation very strong
right from the start for her passion. Being from a small place didn’t make her lose confidence, she chose
online as an option to learn and to inspire. “When you have the will, nothing can stop you” is something
Rashida strongly believes.
After marriage, she kept her passion alive by making soft toys, crochet, painting, home décor, etc. Lack
of confidence, communication, and responsibilities of housewife always made her step back from the
flight of her career but deep in herself she was confident about her passion developed all through these
years. With all the confusion and emotion building up, she decided to let go of every emotion and take a
leap of faith in her dreams. Since that day Rashida has been unstoppable. Starting her journey single￾handedly, she loves her career as much as being a housewife. As a self-taught artist and someone who
loves to travel, she found that she is often taking inspiration from places and going out there painting on
the largest canvas there is-the wall.
Rashida veers from abstract depiction to semi-abstract to nature as the client briefs her. Her murals
comprise different mediums like ceramic, painting, metal, fiberglass, wood, epoxy resin, and many
more. Most people know, murals are paintings done on the wall but they can be three dimensional as
well. Every art piece is designed respectively to the site and client’s brief. Meeting the client’s brief and
satisfaction is what Rashida thrives for. Murals were mostly used in the hospitality industry but today
the art has reached the interior of homes as well. “Space should always speak for itself”, is her firm
belief and this philosophy is depicted in her work through dedication. With a team of 12 members and
30+ successful projects in her company’s name Rashida’s Art; she aims to be one of the successful
entrepreneurs. Believing in her dreams, she is also one true example for “Age is just a number”.

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