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Kanta Kapoor District Chairman Inner Wheel Club District 308 Shares Her Realistic Experience Social Work And Charity Amid Covid 19 Amid Lockdown In An Exclusive Interview Hello Mumbai News Correspondent Neha Singh

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Neha Singh: Hello Ma’am. This is Hello Mumbai News. Hope you are safe and sound and doing fine. Firstly we congratulate you for being elected as District Chairman of Dist.308, from your home Club IWC Parwanoo .
Kanta Kapoor: Thank you Neha and Hello Mumbai Team.

Neha Singh: Please share your vision and planning of 2020-21 for the development of your District.

Kanta Kapoor: First of all let me personally thank you for all your greetings. Our aim is to achieve the goal of “HOPE” and Lead The Change in Society during this pendamic situations.
H-health and hygiene
O- orphans and old people
P- patriotism, I’m a responsible Indian
E- environment
This year we are mainly focusing on Women Empowerment and Girls Education. We are trying to reach remote areas for opening schools. We are adopting girls from slum areas and villages and trying to make them self independent. We will educate them through various courses and help them in providing employment. Apart from this we will focus on environment and many other projects.

Neha Singh: Please highlight something about your charity and social work carried out by you amid lockdown.
Kanta Kapoor: Hailing from an agriculturist family I am very much aware of the sufferings of the people. So it was my wish to serve the people.
I joined the IWC Parwanoo in 2006-2007. I held all Club level post and served with dedication and sincerity. I always say: “put the intention out and let the universe take over”.
Amid the Lockdown our Club undertook several projects. We provided food to Labourers and took good care of their necessity. We have handed out Equipment’s like pulse oxymeter, 69 sanitizer machines, 78 pedstrain sanitizers , 1300 sanitizer bottles, 12,800 masks, 1680 PPE kits, 200 face shields, many stretchers and 3 seater benches to nearby hospitals and needy people.
We have also distributed unlimited Ration kits , food packets, langars, and even monetary help to people. We also provided financial help to corona patients as well.
“There are some other acts of goodwill I did during lockdown that are close to my heart but personal, so if its ok. I’ll keep it that way. I always feel we are here on this earth to help and support each other. What you put out in energy will always come back to you. I just want to do my part. I think we all feel better when we help in some or the other way”.

Neha Singh: Mam, what type of Challenges you have faced during this lockdown?
Kanta Kapoor: In the beginning we all thought that we were able to meet and work after few days as we all were not aware about this Covid pandemic. But now we are aware about the present situation throughout the world.
The main challenge is, we are not able to move out from our houses. So we started virtual meet which is new for all of us.
We have organized seminars to motivate our members so that they can come forward to deal with the situation. We had an Webinar on organ donation and how to boost immunity system. We had even orgazined several webinars, virtual meets to motivate members and people to work for the betterment of society. Still after all these challenges we are helping people by providing them basic necessities and other essential commodities.

Neha Singh : Ma’am, Can you please share your lockdown experience with us?
Kanta Kapoor : Personally I believe every woman should be strong specially financially physically and socially. So that they can fight for their rights and whatever the problem they are facing in the society and make them better place to live in. During this Pandemic everyone has realised the importance of self independent and savings. Even in this circumstance we had undertaken many projects and people came forward to help the needy. In fact in these two months we have inducted 102 new members till now in Our Innerwheel District 308 and target is to add more members and few more new clubs in District . IWC Parwanoo is my home Club and I am heading district.

Neha Singh: Ma’am, can you give some information about your district, how many clubs come under you and how many states and cities are there?
Kanta Kapoor: Well, Dist 308 geographically compromises Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand and some areas of Uttar Pradesh and Union Territory Chandigarh. Basically there are 58 clubs in dist. 308 and there are approximately 2000 members.

Neha Singh: Ma’am, are you confident that all the service projects will be succeed during the tough time?
Kanta Kapoor: Yes, absolutely. I’m quite confident because after doing projects we are getting absolute positive response. No member is saying that we want to leave the club or I don’t want to continue. Everyone is confident that they can complete the project and have the desired results.

Neha Singh : Ma’am, can you disclose some information regarding the group namely Jagriti?
Kanta Kapoor: During my Presidential year I formed a group name Jagriti with 28 ladies drawn from the slum areas of Parwanoo and started the adult education classes for them. I started teaching them. Daily I had spent 3 hours with them. After one year they were able to read and write. Now they are working at different places. They owed a debt of gratitude to me for bringing about a change in their lives.

Neha Singh: Ma’am, do you want to make any appeal to our viewers?
Kanta Kapoor: Genuinely I feel each and everyone should go out and help the people but with proper precautions. Think positive and take every step to encourage the people around you. If we don’t, then who will help them. I just want to say that whatever the situation is, we have to keep fighting with this situation and motivate our friends and family members. But don’t run away from your responsibilities. If anyone need our help we have to help them by taking proper precautions especially Covid affected People.

Neha Singh: Ma’am, thank you so much for giving your precious and valuable time to us.
Kanta Kapoor : My Pleasure Neha, it’s always nice to share and encourage . Thank you for the interview.

Brief Introduction of Kanta Kapoor :
Kanta Kapoor is a well known face, popular in all social and Bussiness circle. Well connected with many social clubs and Corporate houses.
She was honoured and awarded as excellent Editor, Outstanding ISO, Sarwasreshtha Treasurer, Outstanding Secretary, and Diamond President. As the Club’s ISO, she was recognized with a special prize for the club newsletter by then District Chairman – Neelam Vij. She was one of the 13 Presidents who were recognized and awarded by Association President Pushpa Surya Murthy for their work and Best Chairman Visit at District Conference at Chandigarh.
Apart from Inner Wheel, Kanta actively participates in Rotary activities. Mother and child care project is very close to her heart. She is a life-time member of the Red Cross Society, and a member of Sangini Ladies Club Parwanoo. She is an active member of Blood Donor Society Parwanoo for many years and has donated blood for 13 times and has registered herself as a live donor at Alchemist Hospital Panchkula. She signed a declaration to donate all her body parts at Inner Wheel Organ Donation Camp in 2018.
She firmly believes in the Inspirational Words of Wisdom of a great leader Winston Churchill that a Pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity but an Optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty. Her mantra for life is “you here on purpose so prepare like you have never won and perform like you have never lost”.


News Correspondent: Neha Singh

Proofread By Anisha Nandan

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