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Inner Wheel District Chairman Of Dist 314 Amala Mehta Shares Her Vivid Experience Of Leading From The Front In Serving The Community During COVID 19 With Hello Womeniya News Feature Editor Dr Priti Doshi

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Inner Wheel District Chairman Dist. 314 – Amala Mehta shares her vivid experience of leading from the front, in serving the community during COVID-19 with Feature Editor Dr. Priti Doshi: an Educationist, Social Entrepreneur, Founder Director of Global Edge one point hub for Education Empowerment & Training Inner Wheel is the largest women’s service organisation in the world, with more than 103000 members and 3,895 clubs across continents. Amala Mehta is the District Chairman in the 51st year of Dist. 314-Mumbai with 66 clubs and more than 3,000 members.

DC Amala Mehta hails from an illustrious family of philanthropists, and began her journey in Inner Wheel in 1997, and since then has been passionately involved in various community service, from Club President to District Chairman she has taken all post with utmost sincerity and dedication!

Amidst lockdown, in the first of its kind, DC Amala Mehta completed Urban Medical Projects in first 12 days of the Inner Wheel year, donating 7 Hemodynamic machines to Tata Memorial Hospital for critical cancer therapies, setting up of SMART OPDs featuring contactless Screening and Swab taking at G.T. Hospital, Cama Hospital and St.George Hospital and Pulse oximeters, Gun thermometers, N-95 Masks, Hand Gloves, PPE Kits, Face Shields etc. which were distributed to the various Municipal Hospitals in Mumbai and Thane.

With her vision, kind words and positivity, DC Amala has successfully motivated all Inner Wheel members through seminars and training programs and worked relentlessly for Environment, Health and to serve the COVID-19 Warriors at ground level during lockdown!

DC Amala appeals to ladies who are committed for higher goals to join Inner Wheel. As Inner Wheel is an organisation for dedicated women to share their friendship, passion for community service and take action to lead the change!

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