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Inner wheel club Najibabad Dis 310 . See list of charity projects 2020 -21

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News Input by Ruchika Sawant :

Brief Introduction of Inner wheel club :

International Inner Wheel is one of the largest women’s service voluntary organisations in the world and are active in more than 104 countries.In India India Inner wheel club has more than 30 Districts and thousands local clubs in every District. This organisation has very big network and thousands of women social entrepreneurs associated with this organisation.

District Chairman, Mrs. Santosh Sharma
District Secretary Mrs. Preeti Saxena
Club President Mrs. Indu Gupta
Club Secretary Mrs. Rama Shukla
District 310
I.W.C Najibabad
Inner wheel greetings
2020-2021 Annual ReportĀ 

Annual Project Details Highlights :

July 2020

All members of the Innerwheel Club contributed to the betterment of the environment by planting 100 big trees in the forest.

4 well-known doctors of the city were honored by the Innerwheel Club.

In the month of July itself, the club increased the Innerwheel family by increasing 2 members.

Keeping in mind the environment around them, the members of the club planted saplings in their homes.

On the breathtaking occasion of Teeri Teej, the members of the club celebrated the festival by singing the song of the swing.

August 2020

August 5 – To celebrate Ram Janmabhoomi Pujan, all the sisters of the club lit lamps in the temple.

August 8 – All members of the Innerwheel group organized the post-inauguration ceremony.

August 9 – In the month of July, all the tree plants planted by the working sisters of the club gave manure water.

August 10 – Keeping in mind the entertainment of the elderly during the Corona period, the club’s sisters organized a program of Antakshari with senior women on a zoom call.

August 11 – Two members of the club danced to become Radha-Krishna and celebrated Janmashtami.

September 2020

September 5 – On the occasion of Teachers’ Day, the Principal of Rama Jain College was honored in a zoom meeting on behalf of the club.

17 September – Sisters of the Innerwheel Club celebrated Hindi Fortnight with great enthusiasm and honored 2 teachers of Hindi.

September 18 – Outside the Najibabad Mandi Committee, masks, sanitizers and food items were distributed on behalf of the club to corona security among the needy people.

October 2020

October 2 – On the auspicious occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, the sisters of the Innerwheel Club distributed food and other necessities in the Kushta Ashram. Also shared awareness related to corona.

October 7 – Club conscious women held talks with Chief Guest Mr. Shyam Prakash Tiwari (Principal, Walia Global Academy) on e-education.

October 18 – On behalf of the club distributed clothes and food items to the needy living in the slum.

November 2020

November 4 – The ladies of the club celebrated the beautiful festival of Karvachauth with 16 singers.

14 November – The holy festival of Diwali was celebrated with enthusiasm from the members of the club.

December 2020

30 December – In the last month of the year, the club organized a chairman’s visit in which copy pencil etc. was distributed to the children by the chairman. Along with this, the booklet was also released after honoring journalists and past presidents.

January 2021

14 January – Sankranti was celebrated on behalf of the club by distributing the festival khichdi.

February 2021

11 February – The sisters of the club celebrated the colorful festival by wearing yellow clothes on Basant Panchami.

14 February – The club distributed food and drink and food books to Kamlesh Arya. Also done a project on environment.

March 2021

March 6 – For the marriage of 1 girl at Kamlesh Arya, goods were given from the club.

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