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Inner Wheel Club Muzaffar Nagar, Comes Forward to Support Pandemic Affected People

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Brief Introduction of IWC :

International Inner Wheel is an international women’s organisation to create friendship, service and understanding. It has clubs in over 100 countries with over 100,000 members.Its non profit organization and known for its charity works. Inner wheel club has a very strong presence in India. More than 3,000 clubs are active in urban as well rural areas of India.

Charity project Details :

Inner wheel club Muzaffar Nagar Team made food andĀ  sent packed food to families affected by the Pandemic.
Club also had sanitisation done of a Mahila vriddh ashram in Patel Nagar where 7 ladies stay of the age of 52-80 yrs.
Club Team participated with state Government Zoom meet in collaboration with UNICEF to try n free our city of corona. Bringing about awareness of the importance of vaccination in the public.
Club TeamĀ  had a zoom meet with the young generation members of society:(25-30yrs. )who have different professions to raise 10,000/- for people suffering from Covid.
Forming a chain of positivity as people are sinking in despair due to restrictions in normal routine life and work. I Am Ok and I Shall Follow Covid Protocol.

About Team :

Innerwheel club of Muzaffarnagar
President-Smriti Goel
Secretary-Sapna Singhal
District Chairman-Santosh Sharma

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