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Ina Purohit Social Entrepreneur District Chairman Inner Wheel Club Of District 326 (20 – 21) Shares Her Realistic Experience Of Social Work Amid COVID-19 Pandemic Induced lockdown In An Exclusive Interview With Neha Singh

Neha Singh:  Hi Ma’am, Welcome to Hello Womeniya News. Hope you are safe and sound and doing fine.
At the outset, we take the privilege to congratulate you for being the 36th District Chairman of district 326.
We request you to please share your vision and plans for 2020-21 towards the development of your District.
Ina Purohit: I personally thank you for your greetings. This year, we are focusing on UN based goals, like to stop women trafficking, water conservation, health and sanitization. Our aim is to achieve the goal of the Association, “HOPE” and “Lead The Change.”

H- Health and hygiene.
O- Old People and Orphans.
P- Patriotism.
E- Environment.

This year we are mainly focusing on International Social Project Care of Women. The District Project “Udaan- Ek Nai Duniya Ki Ore” has been conceptualized to carry on the noble activities of Inner Wheel so as to create better opportunities to move forward and take a flight to better, safer & new world. Apart from this we will focus on environment and many other worthy projects.

Neha Singh: Could you please highlight something about charity and social work carried out by you amid the Covid-19 induced lockdown lockdown?
Ina Purohit: Since it was my wish to serve the people, I held all Club level post and served with dedication, commitment and sincerity. The Pandemic COVID-19 has shaken the mankind. We are yet to recover from it. There are many Corona Warriors who helped in containing the spread of the Pandemic and cured thousands of patients. We Help the COVID-19 affected people and their families by arranging Mental Health Awareness & Counseling for survival. We extend a helping hand to Doctors, Paramedical Staffs, Police Personnel, and Scavengers cleaning the city and treating COVID-19 patients. We also helped hospitals and container wards as and when the needs for it arose and also educate the youth on hygiene. We distributed masks & sanitizers to schools, teachers, slum dwellers, old age homes, orphanages, and to many others.

We also spread hygiene awareness in schools- one drop sanitizer to every child by class monitor while entering the classroom and before lunch break and cleaning of desks before sitting. We arranged for the Inner Wheel recognition for Doctors and Health Workers, Police Personnel who toiled tirelessly to contain the Pandemic.
Further amid the lockdown, our Club undertook several projects. This year we planted 5,000 fruit bearing plants.
There are some other acts of goodwill which we did amid lockdown that are close to our heart but personal, so if it’s ok. I always feel we are here on this earth to help and support each other.

Neha Singh: Ma’am, what type of challenges you have faced during this lockdown?
Ina Purohit: Before this lockdown we used to come out and meet people. The main challenge is we are not able to move out from our houses, but our Association President Vasudhaa Chandrachud showed a path to start virtual meet which is new for all of us. We have organized seminars to motivate our members so that they can come forward to deal with the situation. We had organized several webinars, virtual meets to motivate members and people to work for the betterment of society. Still after all these challenges we are helping people by providing them basic necessities and other essential commodities.

Neha Singh:  Can you please share your lockdown experience with us?
Ina Purohit: Well, Covid-19 Pandemic experience was really great. Each and every district chairperson had a lot of projects and vision in mind to accomplish. It took us seven years to reach the District Chairman Post. So, when Covid struck, everything turned dark in front of us. But thanks to our Vasudhaa Chandrachud our Association President who showed us a path to conduct everything virtually and Revered Guru ji Chandrabhanu Satpatiji the big Disciple of Sai Baba who promotes Baba’s Philosophy all over the world. Even in this circumstances we had did so many projects and people came forward to help the needy. Whatever the situation is I will face it. In fact in these two months we have established four new Inner Wheel Clubs and inducted almost 150 women members of Inner Wheel District 326. According to me, people have United together to fight with COVID-19. This lockdown is a blessing in disguise.

Neha Singh: Ma’am, can you give some information about your district, how many clubs come under you and how many states and cities are there?
Ina Purohit: Well, District 326 covers vast comprehensive states of Odisha, Chhattisgarh and Eastern parts of Madhya Pradesh. Basically there are 70 clubs in district 326 and there are approximately 2,320 members.

Neha Singh: Ma’am are you confident that all the service projects will be succeed during the tough time?
Ina Purohit: Yes, absolutely quite confident because after doing projects we are getting absolute positive response. I am 100% sure that in last few months of 2020, we will definitely cover all projects. Everyone is confident that they can complete the project and have desired results.

Neha Singh: Ma’am, do you wish to make any appeal to our viewers?
Ina Purohit: Personally, I would say Never be disheartened. If we can dream, we can definitely do it. I believe in success mantra of 5Ps- “Perfect Panning Prevents Poor Performances.” We should help people who need our help.

Neha Singh: Ma’am, Thank you so much for giving your precious and valuable time to us.
Ina Purohit: My Pleasure Neha, it’s always nice to share and encourage. Thank you for the interview.

Brief Introduction of Ina Purohit:

Ina Purohit is benevolent, effervescent, sassy, ​​focused, tenacious, tolerant, target oriented, well organized and versatile. In whichever field she has dwelled into, she has broken the ice. She joined IWC of Bargarh in 2004 and then she joined the IWC Cuttack Silvercity in 2010.
She is an affectionate, disciplined and religious. She has done her Graduation in Economics from the legendary Ravenshaw College, Cuttack, and graduated in Law from M.S. Law College, Cuttack. She is a ‘C’ certificate holder in NCC and has won Gold Medal in Signals. In 1992, she was recognized as the Best Cadet at the State level. She was also selected in NCC for youth exchange program in Canada. Her thrust area has always been on environment, specially-abled children and branding of Inner Wheel. Some of her works are, Fund Raising PGM “Mukti The Freedom” by and for the Special able children, Multi District Rally cum Seminar on “Go Green- The Paradise Regained Through Friendship with Nature,” Go Green Rally & Park for Special Able Children, Save The Sparrow Movement, Rain Water Harvesting Project, Girls Toilet Construction, Wheel Chair Donations, Clean Cuttack Movement.
She never leaves her individual characteristics and loves to spread happiness, wherever she goes with her smile. The only secret of her success is her perseverance and firm faith on God. She believes “If We Can Dream, We Can Do It.”

News Input By: Neha Singh

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