Fighting An Assassin Called ‘Sexual Abuse’ With Therapist Ms. Manisha Agrawal

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Hello Womeniya News Team interacted with Counsellor Ms. Manisha Agrawal on the topic of Sexual Abuse. Speaking with Hello Womeniya News she shared “Sexual Abuse” accepting this term brings a lot of interaction in our mind and soul, our ears fill with loud cries and strong emotions which describe action occurred without consent. Interrogative question has no standing against this monstrous act. Sexual abuse has become a pervasive problem around the globe. People of all gender irrespective of age are facing this atrocity. Abusive sexual behavior by a person on another person is termed as sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is also referred to as molestation. These words when put together resonate with a lot of emotions.

There are various factors that consume the mind of an abuser to commit such a heinous crime. In most cases of sexual/child abuse the abuser is a known identity. In this modern age technology, we cannot refrain ourselves from taking away screen time. Times like these, children fall prey to tech-monsters who lure these children to pornography. There have been cases that have been reported later than they have happened. One major reason is of ‘Self- blame.’ This triggers self-doubt and victimization. Male victims of sexual abuse are no different than females and child victims. It is believed that men cannot possibly be victims of sexual assault. Men who report sexual assault are often ridiculed or doubted because of the social stigma built around them.

It doesn’t matter what act has occurred, the survivor is never at fault for getting assaulted; but woefully it is very challenging for survivors to come forward and fight against this evil act. Survivors are often scared due to assailants are someone from their nearby community. These challenges often prevent the victim from reporting this act. These situations constrain victims to live a retrospective life, which often leads to sadness, fear, silence, anxiety, and depressive disorder. But therapies can help victims reassured and heal them from this burden of mental depression, which has spread sadness in their life.

Since the world is at a halt, this movement restriction has bought an alarming increase in Sexual Abuse, a severe effect of lockdown. Situation like this has made support group impotent making soft targets vulnerable towards this attack. The virus out has given birth to the assassin inside. There has been a sudden surge in domestic violence since the lockdown. While many of us are subjected to stay at home, women and children are most vulnerable to abuse. Most of the time sexual or child sexual abuse increases during the times of crises and is exacerbated due to restrictions imposed.

Survivors feel their body is not theirs after an assault. They also experience guilt, shame, and self-blame. Sexual abuse is related to higher levels of depression, anxiety, somatic concerns, sexual and relationship problems. Low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, substance use, disassociation, fears or phobias, sadness, isolation, distrust, disbelief, denial, etc. are some of the other effects of sexual assault.
These sufferings can be healed. If you know, someone who is suffering Sexual Abuse, talk to them directly, offer them relief and support. Maintain confidentiality; let the victim decide how much they want to reveal their story. Listen, believe and support them, let them know you are there for them. Allow them to express themselves. Assure them about the healing process and how life can be more fulfilling and normal after the healing therapy. Encourage counseling and help them decide whether or not to call. Most of all; be patient as healing

takes time.
Please feel free to reach out to me for confidential counseling and therapy.
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News Reported By Radhika Joshi.

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