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Dr Asma Kazi Appeals Government To Provide More Quantity Of Injection Remdesivir As It Helps To Fight With Covid-19

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COVID-19 is vulnerable and a killer pandemic, whereas in other nine every other pandemic it will soon vanish in thin air.

Dr. Asma Kazi currently practicing at a village named Nasirabad, Jalgaon. The only Lady MBBS Doctor there interacted with Hello Womeniya News Correspondent Ashmita Chhabria over a phone in context to COVID-19 and to what extent doctors are facing the pandemic.

Interacting with Ashmita Chhabria Hello Mumbai News reporter she stated that people are scared of this new pandemic outbreak. Initially, people thought took it as a rumor. Nevertheless, she made them aware about the seriousness of the pandemic.

She also appealed to them not to be scared and not to panic but take precautions and fight with the virus. She further states, “We do not have any specific medications for COVID-19 but still we are treating them. Counseling them & giving them confidence helps to boost up immunity.”

When she was quizzed as to how she served people amid the Covid-19 induced lockdown she replied, “We do their check-ups, we do thermal screening and then if everything is fine, I shared the temperature details and calmed them down by saying that everything is fine and not to worry about anything. I counseled them on not to invite people and not to step out without mask, and to avoid social gatherings.”

Her specific appeal was to calm down everyone by saying, “When we speak with people with a smile and confidence it’s sufficient for them to cool down.” If they have no health complication she discloses the details saying that they are healthy and there is no reason to be worried; we can fight with the virus as Indians, we have good resistance.

Despite of many expenses at clinic like plastic covering shields, sanitizations, PPE Kits, etc. treatment charges of Dr. Asma are quite reasonable.

When she was asked about challenges faced by her as a doctor she replied, “At the start I was not that precautious, but slowly I made all the arrangements. Initially, people thought that COVID-19 is a normal virus and they were all set to go for marriages; but I appealed them not to go out for any social gatherings as they will be staking their lives. Later when lockdown was imposed, they felt it was unnecessary and will affect them economically. Everyone was facing many issues, but it was necessary to convince them to stay indoors. Anyone who visited clinic I made them aware about seriousness of pandemic and asked them to create awareness amongst others too, to stay indoors and maintain social distancing.” It was a challenging task for her. She did her level best for people.

She further appeals to government to provide injection Remdesivir, because she feels that this is the only drug on which we can depend on in this pandemic. She quotes, “Injection Remdesivir should be provided at every nook and corner of the country by the government. It is quite a good drug on which one can rely on. This injection should be made available at every medical store and in hospitals in good quantity. She also appeals to government to increase testing of people as people are afraid and hesitate when it comes to testing them. In fact, they feel ashamed to get tests done.

She suggests people to have confidence on them, and should eat healthy food and exercise well. They should have a proper diet. She adds, “Whatever problem one has, they should visit doctor and get the tests done. Face the problem instead of hiding it; hiding the problem is not the answer. If one hides the problem (symptoms) then their family is at risk of being affected too.”

This is how Dr. Asma Kazi regardless of facing many challenges is ready to serve people. She did her level best and she is always on toes to treat people out. Doctors are real heroes. Dr. Asma Jabeen Ahmed Kazi, an MBBS has an experience of 21 years; currently she is practicing at Nasirabad, a village 10 kms away from main Jalgaon city Maharashtra. For 21 years she has been serving at this rural area.

  • News Report By Ashmita Chhabria

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