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Contraception And Management Of Unwanted Pregnancies

Contraception And Management Of Unwanted Pregnancies
Written by Hello Womeniya

Despite widespread awareness and access to modern contraception, unwanted pregnancies still occur. Here, we tell you how many unintended pregnancies. Read on to know more about this.

An unintended pregnancy can be termed as unwanted. It tends to occur when one doesn’t desire to have children or more children. Or even the pregnancy is mistimed, which means the pregnancy occurred earlier than one wants it. Did you know? Most of the unwanted pregnancies occur because of not using contraception or even not using them correctly or consistently.

Thus, to allow couples in order to prevent or achieve pregnancy, it is the need of the hour to understand the reproductive life plan.  Here, a reproductive plan consists of personal goals about embracing motherhood, like if one wants to give birth to any or more children and the time span too. This plan may also allow one to identify needs that tend to include contraceptive services, pregnancy testing and even counselling to become pregnant.  Not only this, but it can also help manage pregnancy with prenatal and delivery care. Women, we tell you how to prevent those unwanted pregnancies.

In case you choose to delay or prevent unwanted pregnancy then remember that contraception is vital and should be taken after consulting the doctor.

  • Your doctor will explain to you the approved contraceptive methods. And best on what is suitable for you, you will be recommended one. Don’t hesitate to clear your doubts here. You can ask about the right time to take it, when to take it, is it safe and easily available, and if it consists of any side-effects.
  • Unwanted pregnancy is also linked with a plethora of health problems when it comes to both, the mother and baby. Moreover, if a woman didn’t plan to get pregnant then she may be practicing unhealthy behaviours or also delay healthcare when she becomes pregnant. This in turn, can take a toll on the baby’s health. Hence, it is vital for women of reproductive age to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and take folic acid supplements, stay physically fit,  stick to healthy eating habits, avoid tobacco, alcohol, and smoking, opting for medicines prescribed by the doctor and screening and undergoing other necessary tests during pregnancy.
  • Furthermore, visit your doctor who will explain to you the risks of unwanted pregnancy.
  • It is essential to develop strategies and services when it comes to family planning and avoid unwanted pregnancies.
  • Contraception services should be easily accessible for pregnant women.Myths & facts about Contraception:
  • Myth: Safe period
  • Fact: Few patients feel if they follow safe period that is enough as contraception, but it is not true for all and for each time.
  • Myth: Intrauterine device
  • Fact: It increases the weight that is the myth
  • Myth: OC pills
  • Fact: It is not true that OC pills fertility after stopping them
  • Myth: Tubal ligation
  • Fact: It increases weight and makes menses is not true
  • Myth: Male sterilization
  • Fact: It decreases libido in male is not true
  • Myth: Unwanted pregnancy
  • Fact: If at all, unwanted pregnancy happens, the patient tried to take medicine over the counter to get menses which is very dangerous for patient’s health. There are safe options available. Better to meet the doctor for termination options.


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