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Anuradha Chandak, District Chairman 20-21 District 313 Shared Her Vision For The Inner Wheel Club & Experiences Amid The Covid-19 Pandemic

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Geographical Area under her district spreads over 11 Revenue Districts of Maharashtra – Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Beed, Jalna, Latur, Nanded, Osmanabad, Pune, Raigad, Satara, Solapur. Their mission is “Friendship” inside the Club and amongst the members and services to the Society that has given them this opportunity to serve and make friends.

She has determined two-three things as in her District there are rural as well as urban clubs. The rural clubs have less exposure than urban, and various times they are unable to participate for instant voting and administrative aspects.

In this duration, more extensive training has been conducted for them as she wants to fetch them at a certain level. They prepared workbooks so that all their projects occur well organized and subsequently, carry out their social work.

Moreover, she has bestowed two motives first one is Urban Forestation, secondly Mental Well-Being.

Further, while sharing her lockdown experiences, she explained, initially when this started stood disheartened as how and when things will get performed; As she bought the opportunity of serving a district chairman this year and it’s a once in a lifetime in this club.

She commenced talking to presidents they subsisted somewhere feeling low so motivated them whatever the circumstance is appearing we will put on our reasonable work.

In a span of 36 years, this time, their elections carried, and 100 % voting arose by the entire clubs. Every month conducting a review meeting what they are doing, what problem is coming so as of the digitization they are getting further close earlier 2-3 times in a year. It used to happen but due to zoom and digital technology, they are unable to put up with every month. She is able to guide and clubs are getting trained their dilemmas are solving and as well as made short videos of 3-5 mins for the coaching of them and till now almost 30-40 videos have been made on a regular basis one video each day and took extensive training by 3 hours session.

Currently, many new things are occurring for mental health accomplished meditation, yoga, and other things. This year many works have been done before if one club used to organize something that would be on their level only. But now Zoom App and through other ways, different clubs are also getting engaged. One of the Clubs of Pune held a webinar to comprehend what careers are there for the women in the armed forces, which elements earlier never took place.

The Solapur Club has initiated a Plastic warrior to compile the plastic and put it on for recycling and have to work on it as a district level. And plantation is the thrust area of them, so to grow forests as it is the lungs of the city will function on it.

As in urban plantation, the parking of six cars happens in that place small forest can be brought. Many Cities have been notified about it.

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