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Ahmedabad Based NGO Srishti Bharat Foundation Join Hands With Hello Womeniya News Portal

Written by Hello Womeniya

Amid this Covid crisis Ahmedabad based NGO Srishti Bharat and Hello Womeniya honored those women who worked for the poor and needy people, and carried out charity work. We together gave them Covid Warrior Appreciation Certificate.

At this great venture, Srishti Bharat Foundation’s Founder, Ms. Anar Mehta expressed her thoughts and made it known why she joined hands with Hello Womeniya, “I am very much excited to announce this news that our NGO got a good Media Partner. Hello Womeniya is a Women Centric News Portal to promote Women Entrepreneurship, Women Empowerment. Our Srishti Bharat Foundation also works for the same Women Empowerment and help all section of Society.

Our Vision and Mission are same that’s why we decided to work together.”

She further elaborated that the media plays a very important role to promote any kind of Mission. We have seen the work of Hello Womeniya during this covid crisis and lockdown.

Hello Womeniya is a good and exclusive platform for Women Entrepreneurs. Our Srishti Bharat also believes in women empowerment.

On the other hand, Aleem Shaikh, Founder of Hello Womeniya, Mumbai, expressed his thoughts, saying Srishti Bharat is a well- known and reputed NGO working towards Women Empowerment. I am privileged to know Anar ji since last many years. I have seen her work. She is very sincere and dedicated towards her Vision.

Srishti Bharat projects a strong image among women in Gujarat and has a long term vision about Women Empowerment. That’s why we decided to join hands with her.

Both our motive is very clear to promote Women Empowerment. We want to promote our Mission Globally through both platforms.

Mission and Vision of Hello Womeniya.com

To promote all women globally via this digital platform

To make an International women community globally, who can help each other in woman empowerment, business networking can share their news and views, personal stories, business stories or social stories in the platform

Create big network of professional women in metro cities of India, such as Surat, Ahmedabad, Indore, Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai Calcutta etc. and globally US, Canada and Middle East

We will create our digital identity globally through this digital platform. We build a superior networking platform for professional women to expand and improve opportunities. To help to startup business giving finance from financial institutions. We will give strategies legally a social status.

Brief introduction of Srishti Bharat:

Srishti Bharat, an initiative by Ms Anar Mehta, is determined to work towards the empowerment of women in India. Through efforts in a wide range of directions, we, at Srishti Bharat, aim to ensure that they are active and equal contributors to the growth of India and are provided equal opportunities to thrive.

A cause very close to the founder’s heart, Gender Equality, fuels the vision and initiatives undertaken by Srishti Bharat. The organization firmly believes that Indian culture has always worshipped women and looked up to them as role models. Provided the right conditions, today’s young women of India will be leaders of tomorrow who will represent India across the world. Srishti Bharat aims to work on initiatives that significantly improve the lives of underprivileged women and girls in India.

Srishti Bharat, since its inception, has worked tirelessly to address problems that women in India face on a day to day basis. Through events, workshops, awareness sessions, camps and associations with like-minded organizations, we reach out to girls and women in rural areas of India. Operating out of Ahmedabad, the organization has carried out numerous events across Gujarat and has impacted the lives of thousands. Srishti Bharat aims to work in various directions for women empowerment that include but are not limited to.



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