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Secretary Lions Club Western Suburb Mumbai Alka Deora Shares The Challenges She Encountered Amid Lockdown

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Lion Clubs has been actively working and monitoring the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, which is changing the way we live, work and serve. With their efforts to serve with their motto “We Serve” amid this challenging time and rapidly evolving situation. They continue to put their kindness in action by putting the health and safety of their communities first.

Speaking to Hello Mumbai News Team, Alka Deora, Secretary, Lions Club, District Western Suburb, said she alongside her team have distributed 24 anaaj bags, masks and sanitizers among the security staff at Kandivli (East) which has been heavily impacted by the virus and 50 bags to Kurar Village(also a hotspot) distribution centre. Even distributed 400 food packages to the needy in slum areas daily.

She said the challenge she and her team faced was being exposed to people in large numbers. Even as preparing food for the number of workers and volunteers, quantity wasn’t sufficent as they needed more people to work. But still five to six volunteers and workers helped in doing the work. Since the shops were closed, the availability of resources and essentials was difficult but somehow found a way and arranged it.

On her views on migrant workers, she affirmed that the workers were in a fairly healthy condition till the first lockdown.
However, following the announcement of extension in lockdown, they got panick and started moving as they were left with no funds, no work and were battling for their survival in the city. She expressed her satisfaction with BMC work, but she said they must make available more beds for the patients and care must be taken thereof.

Though she feels that the lockdown was successful to some extent, yet there is an increase in the number of cases in large numbers.

Her message to the people is to take precautions while carrying out their day to day activities and stay safe.

News Report By Esha Pujari.

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