Mumbai Social Entrepreneur Swikriti Sharma,speaks to Hello Mumbai News UK Head Kamal Prabhakar on her husband’s brain child P.S.Foundation

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An exclusive Interview of Swikriti Sharma the President of Women’s Wing P.S Foundation with UK head Kamal Prabhakar 

Kamal Prabhakar: Hello Swikriti Sharma, Welcome to Hello Mumbai News. How are you? Could you enlighten on your P.S.Foundation and your husband’s role in it?

Swikriti Sharma: Hi Kamal. Am good. Getting straight to your question, “well, my husband has been my biggest supporter, best critic and an enormous
backbone of P S Foundation. It is his brainchild which has now culminated into this enormous Foundation with thousands of supporters and volunteers with us.

Charity work pictures of P.S. foundation during lockdown


Kamal: Mam, Did you envisage any benefit from his name?

Swikriti: Oh.Yes of course I did. He is a kind-hearted person who has always been of immense help to those around him and in need of help.
Being a good cop with popularity tag has only helped us widen our reach to the society.

Kamal: Swikriti, what has been your own vision?

Swikriti: Look Kamal, am a huge fan of Social Entrepreneur Sudha Murthy and hoping to emerge like her one fine day. It’s my cherished vision to mould myself like her and make our society more peaceful, courteous and generous towards each other to form a community where women are empowered to take their own financial and life decisions for themselves. The youth is given equal opportunity and encouragement to grow in life.

Kamal: What are the Challenges faced by you while embarking in your chosen profession?

Swikriti: Kamal, frankly speaking, No journey is quite complete without its own set of hardships and setbacks. It’s time consumption, patience and effort to educate people to win their trust and instill a degree of belief in them and subsequently mould them believe in themselves.

Finally, what Message you wish to to convey to all people?

They need to always think from the perspective point of view of the people they meet and those in dire need of your help.

Being in their shoes helps you become more humble & Kind. In the end, we all should individually try and help the society in our own small ways.

Picture of Swikriti Sharma the president of women's wing with other members.

Picture of Swikriti Sharma the president of women’s wing with other members.

pictures of Women’s empowerment by P.S. foundation

Blood donation Camp organized by P.S. foundation during lockdown.


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  • Well done Swikriti And Pradeep Sharma ji
    You guys are role model to many
    PS FOUNDATION is doing an amazing job by spreading and reaching to those who are in actual need
    Swikriti you represent Nari Shakti
    Keep rocking?

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