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Mrs Shalini Sharma Of Inner Wheel Club District 307 Bilaspur Shares Her Views On Gender Equality Day Woman Equality Day With Hello Womeniya News

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While sharing her views on the occasion of Gender Equality Day (Women Equality Day) with Hello Womeniya News, Shalini Sharma, Inner Wheel Club, says, “I feel that we do not need equality.
Our physical structure doesn’t allow a woman compete with a man or a man competes with a woman”. ” We could be better off than men in various fields, but as far as physical structure is concerned, we, women are on the softer side to men”.

I wouldn’t say that men are not our Competitors .But it is the Society which says so. Mrs. Sharma, Inner Wheel Club, went on to add that centuries ago, even in Europe women were prohibited from going out to work However, slowly it worked to their favour. But it took many centuries to allow a woman on a professional front. However, In India, professional-wise women have proved themselves better than men. The only good aspect is that Women are allowed to go out and express their feelings boldly. Laws too are in favour of Women.

But we should remember that “Equality” can exist subject to rights. Gender Equality Day (Woman Equality Day), celebrated on 26th August commemorates the passage of women’s suffrage and reminds of all the hurdles heroic women have overcome.

News Report by: Anisha Nandan

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