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Mrs Anu Reddy President Of Inner Wheel Club 2019 2020 District 316 Hosapete City Shares Her Experience And Charity Work Amid Lockdown With Hello Womeniya News Reporter Anisha Nandan

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Speaking to Hello Womeniya News Reporter Anisha Nandan, Mrs. Anu Reddy, President of Inner Wheel Club 2019-2020, District 316, Hosapete City, believes that Hosapete Inner Wheel Club Dist. 316, is a good organization and she receives a lot of cooperation from her Club Members who render true service to the people.

She said that, they have done many projects for the welfare of the locals in their district. This Corona Virus amid lockdown is a tough period for each one of us. With the help of her Club Members, she distributed Ration Kits to Garbage Van Drivers. She affirmed that Police on duty amid Covid-19 pandemic, worked without caring about the summer heat during this epidemic. They are the Warriors of this Pandemic. I.W.C. provided them with water, biscuits and buttermilk while on Covid-19 duty.They also distributed fruits, water bottles, biscuits and buttermilk to the underprivileged people.

Mrs. Anu further went on and said, “Though it’s a difficult time, I had a good experience. I’m thankful; I got a good opportunity to serve the people. When I was giving ration kits to the underprivileged families in my district, I received immense blessings from them. This made me so glad.”

She also mentioned that due to this pandemic they were not able to help people enormously. With the permission of Municipal Commissioner, Jaya Laxmi they distributed grocery kits to the Unprivileged.

Mrs. Anu Reddy expressed her gratitude to her secretary, Rajni Shriniwas and Municipal Commissioner Jaya Laxmi for supporting I.W.C. in many projects and encouraging them.

Amid the lockdown, when many people became jobless and the garbage van drivers didn’t get their salaries, it was then when I.W.C. started distributing ration kits to them.

While expressing her gratitude to the Members of her Club also, she said “My team members were also of great help to me. They supported me and encouraged my work. They were really the backbone.”

Mrs. Anu Reddy and her team carried out nearly 30 projects before the lockdown. Some of them were Dental check-up and distribution of sports items in the government schools, menstrual check-up camps for girls and eye check-up camps in the hospitals plantation etc.


  • News Report By Anisha Nandan.
  • Proofread By Ashmita Chhabria.

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