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Meet Rakhi Desai District Chairman Inner Wheel District 305, who shares her Inner Wheel Journey with Hello Womeniya

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Women Social entrepreneurship is vital for our future. Collectively we can make a change by closing the gap between men and women in the workforce.
Entrepreneurs are those adventurous, daredevils who drive deep into the pressing problems of society and try to find solutions to them, not by leaving the responsibilities in the reins of the government or business, but by trying to change systems as a whole and persuading societies to take new initiatives

In our Inner Wheel Social Entrepreneur series today We are introducing you a very dynamic and popular Social Entrepreneur of  Gujarat for her remarkable and outstanding performance in social  field particular in Inner Wheel Club  who always believes in Women Empowerment and Social Entrepreneurship. Yes, we are talking about Rakhi Desai, District Chairman of Inner Wheel District  305, she shared her Inner Wheel Journey with Hello Womeniya Correspondent Priyanka Yadav

Brief Introduction of  International Inner Wheel:

International Inner Wheel is an international women’s  Social organisation to create friendship, service and understanding. It has clubs in over 100 countries with over 100,000 members. IWC has very strong presence in India. It has more than 3000 thousands clubs in Urban and rural India. Since the Covid-19 Pandemic breaks out Inner wheel club launched charity campaign worldwide. In our Inner wheel Social entrepreneur series in this Episode we are introducing very popular face of IWC, she doesn’t need any kind of Introduction.

Hello Womeniya: Please share your first reaction and feeling on being District Chairman of IWC.

Rakhi Desai: My first reaction was, as people say, ‘feeling on top of the world.’ I’m elated and honored to be following in the footsteps of such determined women PDC’s and keenly looking forward to the coming future.

Hello Womeniya: What will be your priority in the growth of Your Dist.

Rakhi Desai: Something that is on top of my priority list is developing new clubs, there are still some areas in the district that are untapped and can benefit from NGOs like IW. The second priority I would focus on is increasing the retention of members for our existing clubs and encouraging members to take an active role in their community.

Hello Womeniya: What are the current challenges your Dist is facing due to this post pandemic.

Rakhi Desai: As we all witnessed this pandemic affected not only a specific area or community but the entire world. Everyone’s routine lifestyle changed and now virtual gatherings are on the rise. A challenge that is brought by this change is one that impacts the senior members of the club, as they are not as technologically savvy as their kids and grandkids it does hinder them in attending virtual meetings.

Hello Womeniya:  What is your future agenda to solve these problems

Rakhi Desai:I plan to motivate members to come forward and raise their issues and concerns, this transition won’t be easy for any particular demographic so the best we can do is tackle problems head on and solve them. Also, at the same time channeling their enthusiasm towards working for the betterment of society and assisting those who were completely wrecked by this pandemic.

Hello Womeniya: Share your Inner Wheel journey with us .

Rakhi Desai: Ever since I was a kid, I had this innate feeling of helping the less fortunate and with that goal in mind I joined IW in 2008. I became club president in 2012-13, and after that with inspiration from my husband I stepped up into the district in 2016-17. His ideology was if you want to reach out your helping hand to more people you have to be willing to go further to the highest level. So, keeping that in my mind I set out on this exciting journey and never looked back.

Hello Womeniya: Could you please share your lockdown experience and how your District performed during this difficult time .

Rakhi Desai: During lockdown when the entirety of India was halted the wheel of Inner Wheel district 305 was still in motion and all the clubs did tremendous work to help the affected people. Numerous PPE kits, masks, sanitizers, gloves etc. were distributed, and oxygen cylinders, beds, ventilators, medicines, and other necessary equipment were donated to hospitals. Lastly, food packets, ration, clothes, and other livelihood things were given out to the needy.

Hello Womeniya: What is your appeal and message to Inner Wheel women .

Rakhi Desai: I would say that Inner Wheel is a great platform to serve the society and work towards the betterment of society. It is also a great platform to network and make friends worldwide which can help with personal growth and exposure. Therefore, you should feel proud to be an Inner Wheel member and further set an example by being a true IW member.

Hello Womeniya: Do you agree this pandemic brought a lot of changes in our personal and professional life

Rakhi Desai: Yes, definitely. It has changed the entire world’s perspective on the importance of personal life. I’ve noticed family values have increased and friends or even distant relatives have come closer, if not anything else this pandemic has taught everyone to value life and loved ones and never take anything/anyone for granted.

Hello Womeniya: Can you highlights some important service projects you did during this pandemic

Rakhi Desai: During the pandemic, dist. 305 focused on e-learning projects. We provided tablets, laptops, smartphones to the needy children as schools were being conducted virtually. On top of that we provided school fees for the children who had lost their parents during the pandemic. We financially aided the patients who didn’t have enough money to cover their hospital costs and also assisted people who lost their jobs and earning in this pandemic by supplying them with daily necessities.

Hello Womeniya: Being a Social entrepreneur what is your goal and vision about the upliftment of the society.

Rakhi Desai: Being a women social entrepreneur, my vision and goal is to motivate women to become physically and mentally fit and be the best versions of themselves. My appeal to them would be to take initiative in becoming independent and explore the various choices out there instead of restricting yourself to your comfort zone.

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