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Meet Mrs Nita Puri Elected as District Chairman of Inner wheel District 309 for ( 2021-22), Shares her Inner wheel Journey and vision with Hello Womeniya

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Hello Womeniya Inner Wheel News Desk :

In our Inner wheel Social entrepreneur series in this very Special episode we are introducing you a very dynamic ,Well known face of Inner wheel  and popular social Entrepreneur who firmly believes in Social service and charity work she spent more than a Two  decade in Social service  yes we are talking about Mrs Nita Puri District Chairman Inner Wheel District 309 (2021-22).

Hello Womeniya .com Editor-In-Chief Aleem Shaikh was privileged to catch up with
Mrs .Mrs Nita Puri  District Chairman  IWC Dist 309 for the Year 2021-22 for an exclusive interview.

While in conversation with Hello Womeniya she shared her Inner wheel journey ,Future planning and vision about her District 

she also  revealed her Inner Wheel Member’s numbers remarkably increased .

Hello Womeniya : Please share your first reaction and feeling on being the District Chairman of District 309.
Nita Puri :It was my dream come true, I felt on Cloud Nine.At last God blessed me with an opportunity to lead my District 309 and take it to new heights filled with new aspirations.I felt on top of the world and I’m really thankful to almighty.
Hello Womeniya  : what will be your priority in the growth of District 309
Nita Puri : My priority is definitely my goals which will cover

*Promotion of Women Entrepreneurs.
*Promotion of Covid Vaccination Drives
*Help Every women to become Tech Savy
*Teaching them the usage of Smart phone applications
*Promoting the installation of Solar Panels and to promote usage of solar Energy among downtrodden through solar lights.
* Say no to Plastic
* To motivate each club to launch their club history so that it becomes a source of inspiration for all.
*Special recognition to the members who form new clubs and induct 6 members.

Hello Womeniya : what are the current challenges your District is facing .
Nita Puri : My District is currently facing the biggest challenge of the  Pandemic Covid19. Organising big events , physical presence of members in meetings are not possible these days.However   formation of new clubs and induction of new members are  being done .Organising projects having physical presence of all the members is a big challenge.Reaching out school children is a big challenge these days because school don’t have 100% attendence.
Hello Womeniya : What is your future agenda to solve these problems .
Nita Puri :If there’s a problem a solution to it is always there, Physical meets can be replaced by Zoom meetings, which we did last year too,With the valuable app What’s app we have solution to a million problem’s making new clubs as well as adding new members can easily be done through it,in fact many major discussions are done on what’s app nowadays ,Inner wheel branding is also done through Facebook Instagram and you tube chennal etc by posting various templates on each occasion or special days …so life moves on and on.
Hello Womeniya : Share your Inner wheel journey with us .

Nita Puri : With conviction and compassion, I stepped  foot in IWC 21 years ago as a member and has worked with full dedication. I gave my heart and soul to it and worked towards its upliftment with full zeal and enthusiasm. I took the responsibility of all executives posts at the club level and became the club secretary in 2008 and won the ‘Best Secretary Award’ by DC  because of her exceptional performance. In 2011 i became the Club President and was honored in ten different categories and also won Best out of Best President Award.

I was designated as the District ISO in 2016-17 and then served as District ES0, Treasurer, Secretary & Vice Chairman. I have  done justice to each and every post at the District level.

Hello Womeniya : could you please share your lockdown experience and how your District performed during this difficult time .
Nita Puri : The word ‘lockdown’ it self explains it’s meaning.We all were locked in our homes.It had both good and bad experience.We had ample time to spend wth our family,we were living a pollution free life,nature was at its best . Everything seemed crisp.We all enjoyed home made healthy food,played a no.of childhood games.I can say we relived our childhood.We learned a  lot many things online.But inspite of these positive things we missed few things.We missed get-togethers with friends,we missed presence of the members at  the projects,we missed physical meetings and a lot more things.
Hello Womeniya : what is your appeal and message to Inner wheel people .
Nita Puri : Pandemic has effected both personally and professionally. Working during lockdown was not that easy as it seems to be.We had to switch to Zoom meetings,use online banners,did single project,flag exchange virtually.We may be more tired working Virtual because it requires more efforts and concentration.Moreover it takes longer to get consensus.
Hello Womeniya : Do you agree this pandemic brought a lot of changes in our personal and professional life .
Nita Puri : Pandemic has effected both personally and professionally. Working during lockdown was not that easy as it seems to be.We had to switch to Zoom meetings,use online banners,did single project,flag exchange virtually.We may be more tired working Virtual because it requires more efforts and concentration.Moreover it takes longer to get consensus.
Hello Womeniya : can you highlights some important service projects you did during this pandemic

Nita Puri : Yes.

Service projects,

Pandemic tried to lock all our doors but we as Inner Wheel member’s unlocked them and did a number of service projects like

Fulfilling all the necessary requirements of My Sarvodaya People.
*Provided ration kits to the needy
*Financial help also given..
*Help the poor needy parents  on the wedding of her daughter.
*Distributed sanitary napkins
*Fodder at Gaushalas
*Free Medicine distribution
* Created History by organizing first CAR RALLY  joint project of three clubs of Sirsa to create awareness on covid -19 by pasting awareness banners &posters (108)on cars(18) following social  distancing  norms .
Suponsering lunch at Bhi kanhaiya Ashram(home of orphans)
*Organised joint & inter district project of Solar lights of 30 clubs
Installed seven new clubs after getting the post of chairman from July first .
Tree plantation

Hello Womeniya : Our last question to you what will be the main theme of this year of Inner wheel.

Nita Puri : Working under a theme streamlines our work in one direction. Our focus is to make people inculcate covid sensative behavior in their day to day lives, work for towards upliftment of women entrepreneurs, promote IIW theme ‘Pink First’ – _purity integrity kindness nobility_
and Association Goals SHEROES- women inside you, Stronger world for strong women. With this will cover our four areas of attention i.e. Health, education, opportunity and empowerment.

Lets join hands to save our environment,to make women tech savy and most important to make sure our district keeps on growing.

Brief Introduction of Mrs Nita Puri :
Myself Mrs Nita Puri is a Dedicated ,Committed and Tech Savy District Chairman.I was  born on 13thJuly 1962 in Jalandhar in a well educated family.I did my academics from Jalandhar itself.Being a Dynamic and Generous Lady with an optimistic approach towards life,show empathy,love  and affection towards others.I am married to a renowned businessman of Sirsa Mr Shivraj Puri,and  blessed with  two beautiful daughters and a Son.All are married and well settled.
With Conviction and Compassion I joined IWC, 21 Years ago as an active member.Later I  took responsibility of all club executive posts and did justice to my work.I was also awarded as best President, Secretary nd ISO then.I’m  closely associated with a few other organizations
1)Mahatama Budh Yoga Sansthan (N.G.O)
2)Sanatan Dharm Mandir
3)My Sarvodaya(initiated by Mrs Nita Puri herself) Elementary teaching and Skill training classes for children & adults dwelling in Slum areas.
Being an  efficient Social Media Co ordinator my  friends believe that I’m a  lady with the lamp of guidance’. I have also scripted,directed,acted in Comedy,Motivational skits,Dance Series,Mono Acting etc in various Distt.functions.I was installed in District team as Distt.I.S.O in 2016-17 later got upgraded each year & has done full justice as an office bearer of each post .I have  always actively participated in various district and inter district competitions held in Inner Wheel and have received awards among first two positions more than 21 times& thus got laurels to my  home club,Sirsa Midtown.I have been awarded by various Titles by all DC’s,AP’s as Distt.executive member such as ‘Most Supportive’,’Pillar of strength’,’Dedicated and outstanding,back bone and reflection of Distt.309,Face of Distt.309.etc.
I have attended many prominent District  and interdistrict events .
I have  received enormous recognition,Such as Achiever’s award by women dedication Magazine & Sarv Dharma ekta society,Indo American Montessori School,DPS School Sirsa,etc.Being a responsible Indian and God fearing Lady I have  done tremendous effort towards Cleanliness,Tree Plantation, Education and E_learning. My district has  been given the title of   SEVEN STARS by our AP Saroj Katiyar as I formed senen new clubs just beginning month of the session .I have also done first ever  mega Inter club nd Inter district Solar Light Project and  now I have pledged to do my best to serve the society and humanity through Inner Wheel nd keep the wheel moving with more momentum.

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