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Meet Anju Dhingra President Inner Wheel Club of Patliputra Anjuna, Dist – 325 Stepped in to provide support to the needy amid a pandemic

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Picture of Charity projects amid pandemic.

Food distributed to poor and needy people amid Lockdown.


News Input by Radhika Joshi :

Inner wheel News Desk :

In our Inner wheel Social entrepreneur series in this episode, we are introducing you to a very dynamic and popular social Entrepreneur of IWC District 325 who firmly believes in Social service and charity work. Yes we are talking about Anju Dhingra, President of Inner Wheel Club of Patliputra Anjuna shared her club’s covid-19 projects for needy

About IWC:-

As a non-profit organisation “They believe by working together -we can achieve our ambitions and make this world a better place for everyone to live in.” The future is in our hands and we do not have to see how small the world is but how big the Inner Wheel is. We all have to be forward-thinking and make our voices heard. We have to be innovative in our efforts to Inspire other Women to join the Inner Wheel, so that “Together We Can” can enjoy friendship and reach out to those who are getting left behind in this ever-changing world.

Mumbai: Inner Wheel Club of Patliputra Anjuna likewise additional Inner Wheel clubs accomplished undertakings to procure help in this Covid crisis.

Charity Projects Details amid Pandemic :

On 17th May 2021 donated INR 21000/
to Maa Vaishnav Devi Sewa Samittee, an NGO which has been selflessly serving
The covid affected patients in various modes. Most of the club members contributed to this noble cause including Anju kumari, Anjana gungun, Anima, Vandana Prakash, Netra, Neela
Sinha, Madhu Tiwari, Mamta Mehta. She, on behalf of the club, feels gratified and would like to thank all for their kind cooperation.

On 22.5.202 1 Slum in Kankarbagh Patna“PROJECT“  in this Covid Pandemic children of slum area, are also the worst sufferer and so Patliputra Anjuna decided to distribute khichdi among the children of one of the slums in kankarbagh, Patna. The project was sponsored by the President and has decided to distribute it every Saturday in the different slums in Patna.

On 24th May 2021 at Mandiri Money spent 35000.00 in a Category – Being a
Responsible Citizen. Project Detail is The second wave of Corona Virus has brought the world on its knees and has yet again created an International Pandemic Emergency Situation. With the spread of the CoronaVirus, many families are stuck inside their houses. Hence this club with IWC PATLIPUTRA, IWC PATNA & IWC AMRAPALI has taken the pledge to
help the families residing in the locality of Mandiri who are struck by the Pandemic by offering them Rations in this time of distress.

In the Slum Area of Khagaul Patna in a Being a responsible citizen on 25th May 20 21 the Project details – The effect of the lockdown to curb the spread
of the novel CoronaVirus and the resultant economic crisis continues to plague the poor and vulnerable. This nationwide lockdown is hard on the poor who earned their livelihood on daily wages. So they have taken the initiative to
serve food to the marginalized people living in the slum area of Khagaul,
Patna. Beneficiaries are many further it is Sponsored by Club President.

Place, Slum in Digha Date on 26th May Project details consists of, As the world continues to deal with the widespread effects of the Covid 19 pandemic, there is a recognized need to preserve
access to healthy and nutritional food to all. Hence, today also a small effort for
distributing food packets in the slum area of Digha continued by them Beneficiaries – Many


On 27th May, Category in Health, project details –

As we all know that The human body requires oxygen to survive and to carry out various functions. When Oxygen is inhaled it goes to the lungs and then moves into the blood vessels and mixes with the
blood. However, due to inflammation and infection in the lungs, some people
suffering from a severe Covid 19 infection called Hypoxemia(low oxygen levels in the blood). So these patients require Medical Oxygen to restore the Oxygen saturation of the body. Keeping a view of these issues they decided to donate two Oxygen Cylinders

Oxygen cylinders donated to covid 19 affected people.

to Mr.Gaurav Rai, who is known as the Oxygen Man. He has saved over 1400 lives across the State by providing Oxygen cylinders free of cost to critically ill patients. His Oxygen bank in Patna has proved to be a lifesaver for many
many patients particularly at the time when the second wave of the virus has shattered

Moreover, on 28th May in Mandiri, the Project Details follows: they have distributed 50 kg Rice 100 kg atta 98 kg allu.46 kg onion, 30 kg daal to We For the Nation, an NGO in the slum area. Thanks to Anjana Gungun one of their Club members for her cooperation the Beneficiary are Many

On 2nd June in the slum area under the category, Health, and Covid Relief-
Have distributed mask gloves sanitizer medicines in an NGO in the slum area of Mandiri. Thanked Rohit Singh
for his cooperation in distributing all these among children and to the families residing
there. Beneficiary contains Many

About IWC District 325 :

IW District 325 was formed on 19th June 1985 with four clubs Darbhanga, Biharsharif, Hazaribagh, and Gaya. It was formed due to the efforts of the first District Governor of RI District 325, Late PDG Dhanesh Prasad. The first club of their District was the Inner Wheel Club of Darbhanga, followed by Biharsharif and Hazaribagh. Now the quantities have expanded and include patliputra, Patna, phulwarisharif, Satya danapur, saumya, Jamshedpur, Muzaffarpur, and others.

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