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Madhuri Namdev Amritar, President Inner Wheel Club of Apex Satana came ahead to support the needy amid a pandemic

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Hello Womeniya Inner Wheel News Desk North Maharashtra Dis 303:

In our Inner wheel Social entrepreneur series in this episode we are introducing you to a very dynamic and popular social entrepreneur of IWC who firmly believes in Social service and charity work yes we are talking about Madhuri Namdev Amritkar President of Inner Wheel Club of Apex Satana Dist-303 stepped in with precautions to support Covid affected in this lockdown.

Mumbai: IWC Club is an institution in 104 countries that have succeeded. Satana is the alliance that has come to operate from the 4 years respectively. Founder President Mrs. Varsha Shirode i.e. institution Satana was the first to be established. And they are putting on their nicest to aid the community

In the year 2020 mid suddenly corona created the great catastrophe
This pandemic crisis in 2020-21 formulated various projects:-

Even in the Corona committing their task responsibly, Police personals, Bank Employees, Doctors, Chemists,
Tehsildar Shri Jitendra Ingale, Police Inspector Shri Nandkumar Gaikwad felicitated as Corona Warrior.

Service Project During pandemic

1) For the marriage of a girl who belongs to a poor family, the marriage gave 20,000/- thousand rupees to by all the members of the club

2) To a Poor Farmer for shelter and necessity gave 1000/Rs.

3) Given Foods and Clothes to Two Children

4) Vististed 10 Slum areas and carried out free cancer diagnosis and treatment, health inspection camp, medicines, sanitizer, gave children food, through school literature master.

5) In Pragati School Satana students obtained Sanitizer Stand, Oximeter, Masks

6) Enhanced Women Empowerment, by performing around 45 Women’s Scooty Training.

7) Through MLA Dipika Chavan corona kit was distributed to assist this pandemic.

8) As a Military Man, Corona warrior honor letter contributed and to wife oti ( as a moral ritual) given as honor.

For this Inner Wheel Club of Apex Satana President, Madhuri Amritkar, Founder President Varsha Shirode, Past President Aparna Yewalkar, Past President Kalpana Yevala, Secretary Yogita Shirore, I. S.O.Suvarna Jangam, Treasurer Vandana Bhamre, C.C. Asha Bagad, Dr. Vidya Sounawane, Dr. Prajakta Sonar, Triveni Kunwar, Manisha Amritkar, Rekha Shinde, Surekha Patil, Sangita Bhamre provided co-operative benefits Such a variety of endeavors attained.

She kept her specialty and executed Reading, Singing, Poetry, Charoly, Writing articles, in Writing more than 500 Certificates of honor received, likewise Saksham Police Times Lokmanthan through Yashwant Gaura, Mahila Ratna Award.

Also, as Ladshakhiya Vani Samaj Mahila Mandal, the President undertook numerous efforts.

Brief Introduction of Inner Wheel :

International Inner Wheel is an international women’s organisation to create friendship, service, and understanding. It has clubs in over 100 countries with over 100,000 members. It is a nonprofit organization and known for its charity works. Inner wheel club has a very strong presence in India. More than 3,000 clubs are active in urban as well rural areas of India.

Service Project picture Gallery :

Covid Warrior Felicitation pic.

About District 303 :

Inner wheel District 303 one of the most important District of Inner wheel in Maharashtra which covers North Maharashtra and Vidrabha Region. It covers many big cities and districts of Maharashtra such as Nasik, Jalgaon, Akola, Amravati, Nagpur, Wardha and Chandrapur etc. This District performed well during this difficult time of Pandemic. All clubs did many charity work projects for pandemic affected people in rural areas of Maharashtra.

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