Ishita On Her Diet And Food And She Shared Her Thoughts About Fitness And Predominantly In Diet

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Ishita on her diet and food and she gave us a long and deep thought process in fitness and predominantly in diet . So lets hear it from her. “I am not on keto diet, for me, ghar ka khana works the best. That’s the only diet i follow. Anyways my home-cooked food is very healthy, with less oil. Every morning my mom sends breakfast and lunch for me and sometimes dinner when I am shooting nights. The credit definitely goes to my mom for taking so much effort to send me food every day. So thank you mom. I eat normal nashta like poha or sabudana khichdi. I try and avoid wheat but sometimes I have a sandwich. I have an apple, coconut water, and a cucumber every day. For lunch, I have rice , dal and sabji. Evening snack would be something light and dinner is usually stir-fried vegetables or if I am very hungry i will probably have rice and vegetable curry again. I am a vegetarian but i only have eggs sometimes. It’s a very simple diet that i follow. There are a few things that I avoid and most importantly i avoid sugar as much as possible. Along with diet you have to work out. With my schedule it becomes very difficult to workout. We shoot for almost 12-13 hours. So I mainly focus on my diet now but whenever possible or when I am not shooting I do workout for at least an hour. Also, I drink a lot of water.

Diet plans do work, many of my friends are following it but it works for them because they are doing it under guidance. For all those people who want to do something drastic, please do that under supervision. There are a lot of good dietitians, so follow a proper diet under proper guidance.”

Ishita has highlighted the most important aspect of health here and we should all take a leaf out of her book and focus on diet now on, workout whenever we can, drink as much water , avoid sugar and do crash diets only under supervision.

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