Abu Dhabi Based Business Entrepreneur Purvi Gokani Joins Hello Womeniya As Chapter head of Abu Dhabi

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Purvi Gokani expressing her views after joining Hello Womeniya as Abu Dhabi Chapter Head, “I express my heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Aleem Shaikh to give me this opportunity and I am honored to be associated with Hello Womeniya, online magazine. I have always believed that women are the strength of the society in every sense. Women should and can bring up other women and the society as a whole. Any platform that bring together, empower, empathize with and celebrate women are always welcome and I am glad that Hello Womeniya is such a platform. My aim to be associated with Hello Womeniya is to bring together many more women who deserve applause and recognition !”
About Purvi Gokani :
Welcome to my profile,
I am an Entrepreneur, co-founder and partner at Beautiful Henna Centre, one of the leading Henna and beauty centres in Abudhabi UAE for the last 19 years. I’ve been in the UAE for 27 years now and UAE is a home away from home, for me, like for thousands of Indians here.
I am also a budding artist and blogger and learning Hindustani classical music.
I have a burning desire to give back in whatever way I can, to the betterment of society. I think if women are understood and empowered, the world will definitely be a much better place . I want to be able to do something to raise awareness about financial literacy and mental health for all , especially women at an early age.
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