Pallavi Joshi Adds A Slice Of Kashmir To Her Jewelry Box Read Detailed Story Here

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Filmmaker Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri alongwith his wife, actor & producer Pallavi Joshi, are currently in the US for the first schedule of their film The Kashmir Files where the two are interviewing first hand record of displaced Kashmiri Pandits who are now settled far away from their roots. Vivek shared a series of beautiful pictures of his wife Pallavi on Instagram where she is seen wearing a ‘Dejhoor’ which is considered in close resemblance to the mangalsutras of the Hindus. These are the elegantly shaped golden ornament, all most the size of an almond, suspended through both the ears either by a golden chain or coloured thread up to chest from the day of the marriage.

Vivek shared the pictures with a caption, “Slowly, we are going through cultural transition. Pallavi Joshi in Dejhoor – a traditional Kashmiri Mangalsutra. The difference is that women wear it even after husband is no more.”
The Kashmir Files- dubbed as #KashmirUnreported is a deep dive into the story of the biggest genocide in India’s history- ethnic cleansing of Kanshmiri Pandits, which has been unreported or under reported. The couple will be touring across USA, UK, Canada and Germany to dig out real life stories as a part of their research for The Kashmir Files.

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