Meet Shalini Gamre Mumbai based Social Entrepreneur and Psychological Counsellor who shares her professional journey with Hello Womeniya

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Female Social  entrepreneurship is vital for our future. Collectively we can make a change by closing the gap between men and women in the workforce.
Social entrepreneurs are those adventurous, daredevils who drive deep into the pressing problems of society and try to find solutions to them, not by leaving the responsibilities in the reins of the government or business, but by trying to change systems as a whole and persuading societies to take new initiatives

In our social Entrepreneur series today We are introducing you a very dynamic and popular social Entrepreneur of Mumbai who always belives in Women Empowerment and Social service is passion for her. Yes we are talking about Mumbai based Psychological counsellor and Social Entrepreneur Shalini Gamre who shared her professional journey with Hello Womeniya. 

Brief Introduction of Shalini Gamre  :

Shalini Gamre is a certified Psychological Counsellor. She has conducted several breakthrough trainings for Corporates and Educational Institutions on behavioural skills. Her workshops revolve around Leadership, Team Building, Peak Performance and Personal Growth.  Through here 121 counselling session, she has worked with individuals across India, UK and USA.  She is also an established Author or 2 Self-help fiction books.

In a traditionally male dominant country, where even today, in most parts of India women still feel reluctant to get educated, leave alone chasing their dreams, we strive to bring you stories of women who have challenged the status quo and made a mark for themselves. Adapting and adjusting became a way of life for them. Turning their orientation towards solutions more than problems became a habit. Consistency and discipline became companions. With help sometimes and sometimes alone, they did not stop.

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Hello, is poised and determine to bring to you the stories of such women that you can relate to. Who have set examples of what can be done, if once decided. We strive to help our women, speak about their journeys to inspire and motivate those ladies who are
still not able to find their way out of their challenges. We want to give our support to bring women in parallel with men. To become equals in power, position, work satisfaction,
social accomplishments, stability and credits. Here is one such story of Mumbai based
Mrs. Shalini Gamre one of the most sorted Psychological Counsellors and Authors today, but a simple girl hailing from a slum in Mumbai yesterday…

You are not defined by where you come from, so don’t make that an excuse to stop you from where you want to go…

A story told in her own words :

I did not really grow up with a lot of dreams. Roti kapda aur makan were the only dreams of my parents. Anything beyond was looked at as a wishful thought. Thankfully though, my mother was a strong woman who believed in education. With working several small jobs my parents educated me and my younger brother. Now! I was not the brightest student either.
If you have ever visited a Mumbai slum, there are many many many reasons why high scores become secondary, but good fighting skills is primary. That was me….when I was little.

Until I got my first job. That is the place I faced my first male dominance, where my boss treated me like I was a big nothing. I wondered why? Is it because I was a woman or because I wasn’t so educated or because I would not speak that well or maybe because I did not have a personality or I did not have a strong family set up? It could be one of these reasons or all of them. How would I know unless I changed it all? My goal became to study further and well, to build my language and expression skills, to develop an unbeatable personality, to chalk down a strategic career path, get my family to a better standard of living and finally establish myself as no less than a man. It took me 16 years and 3 smart job changes until I made my space.
A space of respect, dignity, class and credit. I learnt it all and still am. I watched successful women closely. Understood thought processes and ideas. I listened to when smart people spoke and planned before I presented my ideas. Today life is different. I can tell you, if my very first boss met me now, he would be shocked.

In 2017 I started with my own business of teaching these skills to others. I have worked with over 10,000 people in these past 4 years trying to make the journey easier for them through the lessons I have learnt. Corporate trainings, student trainings and one to one counselling are what I do for a living apart from multiple works in various organisations that I have my presences in. Then when I come across an experience that I want to tell, I write a book.

I believe in life, you need a little hunger, which means you must have less of something. And you need a little anger, which means, those nasty, rude, intimating people who will push you to your limits. The hunger creates a want to do something, and the anger pushes you to do it. Standing my ground in a male dominant society has not been easy, but let me tell you, they know…they can gauge…they can see…they can tell…who they can easily break and who they will fail badly even trying. Moreover when they see your focus and persistence, they become your biggest support too.

My journey is simple. I wanted to make something of myself. I wanted to prove to me that this life wasn’t a mistake or luck by chance or a place where someone would simply push me around. I hope my story helps you find that little lack which creates a hunger in you and that pain that makes you so angry, that you will take the chance of getting out of your comfortable life and make it worth living.

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