Meet Indian Origin Oman based Social Entrepreneur Kavita wilson who shares her Entrepreneurial Journey with Hello Womeniya

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News Input by Dr. Sarika Mahesh Shah Hello Womeniya Elegant Chapter Head

Hello Everyone I am Kavita Wilson

Welcome to my Profile :

I am a enterprising professional with extensive experience spanning; Hospitality, Retail, HR and Kindergarten management. I am married to a restaurateur and am blessed with two loving kids. I am an exercise freak and dance & music are my passion. I enjoy travelling, socializing and yes shopping and dressing up for the occasion excites me the most. Being an enthusiastic and positive individual I enjoy every moment of my life, be it at home or work or at any arena. I believe life can be tough at times and the only way one can turn around things is with a strong Will and a good heart to Forgive and Love….always. I am perceived as someone who is approachable, understanding supportive and always willing to assist.

Your Achievements that makes you feel high.

By far the biggest achievement of my life has been to stand up and shoulder the responsibilities of my family when my father left us at a young age. Being from a very lower middle class family and to start a career in hospitality was so socially looked-down upon but it was there that my personality took shape; handling the front desk, guest relations and doing all odd jobs including cleaning toilets at McDonald’s is something that has groomed me to be what I am today. Another biggest achievement is to be married to a person whom I loved; it’s my determination, my trust in almighty and faith in myself and in him that we could convert our courtship of four years into a married life. And having been able to balance my professional and family life successfully is another achievement I should be credited with.

Define the true beauty.

Though beauty is always perceived as a physical trait, true beauty is what lies within. One’s inner personality is a true definition of her beauty……one’s thoughts, their follow-up actions and the way one conducts oneself is what defines beauty in the true sense. For me having a heart to love, share, care and be concerned is what makes one beautiful.

What makes a complete, healthy and happy family for you?

A complete family is one which has mutual respect and admiration for each other and it extends over to the larger family one belongs to. Respecting individual likes and dislikes, their shortcomings and strengths and standing up for them while never judging them makes a complete family. A healthy family is one that is conscious, concerned and disciplined and follows a healthy eating, exercise and life style habit. A complete and healthy family with a greater presence of God in their lives makes a Happy Family. Praise and prayers, tons of respect, lots of understanding, being responsible and concerned and an approach to always look down than to look up makes a happy family.

What is your favourite Idea of Holidaying?

Holidaying to me is being set free. Being amidst nature, being away from all the hussle bussle with no alarms, no time-table and no worries at all. Capturing every moment, barbecues, bon fires and loads of music and dance with just the Sun or the Moon and Stars above and the sand, grass or water under my feet is a my idea of a holiday. And if the above isn’t possible then I would want to be in one of the happening cities, put up in a plush hotel, dining in one of the best restaurants, being at the disc more often and off course shopping till I lose me heals.

Why you are participating in Mrs India Queen of Substance?

I am participating in Mrs. India Queen of Substance contest to measure my achievements and to prove myself that my life journey has moulded me into a woman of real substance….. …someone who could shoulder the responsibilities of her family at a young age, someone who boldly faced every challenges of professional and personal life, someone who effectively continues to balance her family life and career. MIQS is an opportunity to prove yes I did it all and through this platform I would like to urge to all married women to come out of their shells and to love themselves and continue to pursue their dreams and ambitions that they had as pretty young girls.

What bothers you most about what is happening in the country today?

Hatred, distress and inequality in our country is what bothers me the most and the root cause of all of these is the lack of education. Policies should be framed to ensure each and every child in our country receives primary and follow-up higher education. And we as individuals should form smaller family or friends group to sponsor and foster the studies of at least one child. A change in our society can only be brought up by educating our young ones, education will lead to employment, employment would lead to harmony and harmony would help us make a happy country where all of us will behave as individuals later but humans first.

The Quote or saying that encourages you?

The quote or phrase that encourages me is; “This Too Shall Pass�. There have been many unfortunate incidences in my life where I felt like giving up, incidents when I thought I would not be able to face or overcome them but this phrase has been like a ray of light, keeping me positive and helping me to believe that bad times is a message that good days are just around the corner.

What is true â sportsmanship or you?

True Sportsmanship is a blend of ambition, hard work and values. A true sportsman is one who believes in competing with equals on his/her personal strengths and in all fairness with a sense of respect and companionship.

As a Charity Ambassador, the value addition I would like to make to our society is by working for the cause; “Education for All�. I would personally like to involve my close ones to form smaller ‘Foster Groups’ to promote this cause and will also work with and urge the society at large to come forward and contribute both their time and resources. These Foster Groups shall encourage and mobilize other groups and individuals to help support and propagate the cause at large.

Her Awards and Achievements :

Kavita Wilson, the only Indian lady from Oman, was one among the 44 finalists of Mrs. India- Queen of Substance(MIQS), which had married woman from around the world including; USA, Singapore, Indonesia, UAE, Hong Kong and from across India, participating at this pagent.
Kavita was conferred with the title of ‘Mrs. Goodwill Ambassador’ held at New Delhi, India in 2017.
Currently based out of Sohar, Kavita hails from Mumbai and is married to a restaunteer and is blessed with a daughter and a son.
For Kavita, MIQS was a dream come true because since her childhood she had aspired of walking the ramp and though she could not get the title crown, she did win a lot of hearts with her; ‘Educate the Girl Child’ and ‘Save a Heart’ campaigns and her energy, enthusiasm and charm.
Kavita said, “I hope I am an inspiration to many of my fellow ladies who have it in them and who are not only talented but also capable of bringing a positive change in our society. I urge them to shed their inhibitions, reignite their aspirations and work on their dream… And live their lives to the fullest.”
She further added; “I am inspired to and hereon would want to work for the cause of ‘Girl Child Education’ because when you educate girls, she feeds herself, her family, her community and her nation…..socially, politically and culturally. Being from a very humble baground, I am an example of the transformation education can bring in our lives.”

Recently she is a part of campaign called ‘Find a Bed’ as a ‘Cause Ambassador’ which is fighting against the pandemic, Covid-19, an initiative by ‘iimunoofficial – by the youth, for the country’.

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