Indias First Kalam Library Opened At Atal Samvedna Covid Centre In Surat Read The Detailed Story

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While interacting with Hello Mumbai News Correspondent Neha Singh, Vishwa Chavda, Social Entrepreneur and Associate Member of Kalam Library mentioned that “India’s First Kalam Centre was opened at Atal Samvedna Covid Centre” in Surat – She affirmed that amid the Corona-Covid-19 pandemic, the focus was on increasing physical immunity in the world. When the entire world is reeling through this crisis, it is very important to emphasize mental immunity in this fear instilled atmosphere.

With the vision that reading can also serve as a treatment for mental health, with the help of MLA Harsh Sanghvi India’s first Kalam Library was established by her, Param Desai and Kaushal at “Atal Samvedna Covid Centre” in Surat.

Notably, the Kalam Library project is one of the flagship projects of Kalam Centre that saw the light of day in January 2016, being first library being opened at Lilapur village near Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The library was launched by the Chief Minister of Gujarat, who donated more than 150 books including 5 books that inspired her in life. 8 libraries have also been opened in the Children Observation Homes in Gujarat to create access of knowledge for the juvenile delinquents so that they can be brought back to mainstream societies by giving their dreams the power of knowledge.

Elaborating on the aim of Kalam Centre, one of the unfulfilled wish of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, was to ensure that every youth of India has access to books for knowledge. He aspired that there should be one free library in every village and even the remotest corner of the country.

He believed that youth of the nation should have access to a books as a matter of right. The Kalam Library Project (KLP) is based on this unfulfilled wish of Dr. Abdul Kalam.

Srijan Pal Singh, CEO Kalam Centre and Founder Kalam Library projects says, “Our mission is to empower the youth with the power of knowledge, so that they realize that nothing is impossible in life. In essence this is how the next generation of “Kalams” have to be built from the roots of the India.
She also mentioned that Karan Chavda, under Secretary of Kalam Centre Gujarat, believes that “mental immunity is the key to get out from the time of every crisis. Till now more than 450 libraries have been established in 14 states (Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Himachal Pradesh and Bihar). The library has been set up in villages, settlements, government schools, child care homes, orphanages and madrasas. This library empowers about 500,000 children. These operations are based on a zero-cost model in which the libraries are administered by a network of volunteers. The volunteers collect books, conduct reading sessions in the libraries and plan activities.

Apart from all these, they have dispersed masks, sanitizers and Ration kits to 55,000 migrant laborers and their families. They had supplied ORS, snacks and water to transit travelers who are suffering from diarrhea, dehydration and exhaustion. With the support of Godrej, Zomato, Ketto and local communities, we were able to reach out to over 50,000 migrant workers in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. They had provided help to stray animals.
She went on to add that Blood banks across the country were running dry because of the nationwide lockdown, which was enforced to contain the spread of coronavirus pandemic.
However, this resulted in a severe shortage of blood. Their team in Gujarat encouraged people to come forward and donate blood while taking necessary precautions and organized blood donation camps. One such camp was organized at Shree Saurashtra Patel Kelavni Mandal Kumar Chhatralaya, Ahmedabad. Another camp was organized at Laxmi Krupa Society, Surat. Total 65 units of blood was collected through these camps.

Kalam Centre is currently bonded with the Government of India to help its Empowered Groups of senior civil services officers responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Government of India has constituted 11 Empowered Groups for ensuring a comprehensive and integrated response to the coronavirus pandemic. Selected interns from the Indian Institute of Management (IIMs) are going to support the Empowered Groups in data analysis and evidence-based policy inputs.
As a knowledge partner, Kalam Centre is coordinating alongside 26 top institutes of India to work on these projects and provide the necessary knowledge, analytics and research.
Her personal experience about Covid-19 is “In this pandemic, numerous people has come forward to help Needy people. This shows that humanity is still alive. Because of Covid-19 pandemic we become united to fight against the crisis.
She is grateful to Srijan Pal Singh – CEO of Kalam Centre, Karan Chavda and each and every member who worked for Kalam Center. She felt indebted to these people for their valuable support and cooperation.
Lastly, she said that Srijan Pal Singh – CEO of Kalam Centre, says that ‘Dr. Kalam used to say that in every circumstance of life we ​​should have a positive attitude. That is why it is hoped that the Kalam Library will give a favorable power of knowledge to all Indians fighting the Corona Virus at the Covid Centre. ”

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