Gurgaon Based Celebrity Yoga & Meditation Expert Sujata Singh Shared Her Views With Hello Womeniya News

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Holistic Yoga is deeply embedded with Hindu beliefs. In our country most of the people have started practicing Yoga to get rid of stress after a hard day’s work to keep them fit.

Sujata Singh one of the leading and renowned celebrity, holisti, certified yoga Guru from Gurgaon and meditation expert practising yoga for more than 20 years speaks to Hello Womeniya News.

She says when the whole world is passing through the deadly Coronavirus Pandemic, she started motivating people for yoga via her you tube channel (YOGA WITH SUJATA).

As an expert and authority in it, she always tries to motivate everyone for fitness and well-being. She is constantly posting video on her social media platform for physical health as well as mental health, which is of prime necessary during this pandemic. Besides it, she is conducting online yoga and meditation session on regular basis.

Sujata made it known to us that it’s been more than 20 years she has been practicing yoga each day. It’s like you have meal every-day. One should practice yoga on daily basis for mental well-being.


  • News Input by Deepika Singh Masih (Delhi – NCR Head)
  • News Edited By Anisha Nandan


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