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Bengaluru, 05 December 2021 . In the classrooms, in the hall, sitting at the desks, on the lap, or simply on the floor – for one hour on Friday afternoon, the school in Bangalore has become a big painting area.

“Near 1300 children are drawing here today,” says Fr. Edward Rodrigues SJ, Loyola English & Kannada Medium High School principal. Together with Loyola Composite P.U. College (headed by Fr. Kanikyaraj SJ, Mr. Adiveppa Halagi), the school in Bannerghatta Road Campus responded positively to the invitation to participate in Colorothon, India’s largest online painting festival. More than 30 schools are participating in Bangalore, but the geography is far more extensive.

“PANdemic is there; therefore PAN-India Colorothon is going to be helpful for all of us.” – plays with words Fr. Edward, as he expressed his gratitude to the organizers. “I think the drooping spirit of the children can enliven through this type of events. Wellness in mind, in the spirit, it will burst their spiritual life also.”

It is already the 13th season of the event, with the motto “Where creativity meets passion!” that aims to reveal children’s talents and skills in different areas around the country. The season started on Children’s Day, November 14, and will finish on December 15. The schools, communities, and families are invited to be part of Colorothon. Participation is free; all the needed information is on the website (see rubric TalentBox). 600 Best paintings will be sold for the online auction for charity.

“I dream of becoming a teacher; this is what I am drawing,” – says Mukesh, one of the students of PU college, as he is depicting a figure of a man standing at the board in the classroom in front of pupils. The topic of Colorothon is free; the children can paint their imaginations, dreams, everyone can choose according to their wish without restrictions.

At the drawing event in the Bernaghatta Road campus, were present Mr. Kishore Joseph the journalist, event manager, ideological inspirer of Colorothon, and Mr. Dhiraj Singh the Co-founder of KidsChaupal, the company that hosts the event this season online.

“People do not spend quality time. We may go to the theatre or maybe go to the mall or some concert. We witness and come back. But we don’t do anything creative. So here is an opportunity that we, as a family, sit, and if not draw, at least help the child. Mingle with the children. So that bounding takes place, doing something creative. And again: painting and drawing is great therapy.” says Mr. Kishore, who in 2014 started Colorothon inspired by the movie Taare Zameen Par.

To submit entries to Colorothon, get learning inspiration and helpful information in different areas, a special app is available on the internet – KidsChaupal, that may be useful for the children, parents, and teachers.
E.M.U., Bangalore

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