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Rabia Baig Food Blogger and Cooking Channel host gives review on Persia Darbar food

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Persia Darbaar food review : Rabia Baig.

Rabia Baig needs no introduction. She is an highly professional Chef , Food Blogger and host on YouTube Cooking Channel “Cook With Rabia”.
She is blessed by Almighty Allah with an extremely good hand in cooking various cuisines.

With Bakrid (Eid ul Adha) just in the corner Rabia makes it known she is at Persia Darbar Joheshwari for Food Review.

Notably Persia Darbar is one of Rabia’s favourite restaurants which she frequents with her family. This time ahead of Eid ul Adha, she ordered Special sumptuous cuisine like Raan Tandoori dry, Raan Tandoori Butter Masala and Raan Kabsa Rice. She terms it as amazing and that she is all praise for the mutton cooked so soft and succulent, blended with proper proportion of spices. According to her the best part of Persia Darbar is they never disappoint their customers with the same flavours and spices in every dish. All dishes are blended with different tastes and beautiful presentation. Hospitality and the ambience is something to be raved and written home. It was absolutely friendly which speaks volumes of the ethics of the Staff who helped to make their lunch relishing and enjoyable. With no hesitation, Persia Darbar richly deserve 5 stars as compliment.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s Eid celebration will be on a low key. Nonetheless Rabia and her family wish to spend   quality time and do Ibadat instead of spending whole day in kitchen. No doubt she will be sending her their Qurbani Mutton to Persia Darbar and get the family lunch cooked by them.

Rabia expresses her gratitude to Persia Darbar for their excellent service towards their customers.

She highly recommend Persia Darbar restaurant to all the lovers of sumptuous and relishing food .

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