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Know your 2022 prediction by famous Astrologer Subrata Banerjee

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2022 is promising year for you. Now the Saturn transit in Capricorn and Jupiter is in Aquarius. Rahu and Ketu respectively Taurus and Scorpio. Other planetary transit in verius sign may give verius results.

Planetary movement will bring desirable success in your career this year. Planning for long term perspective for your career. Self confidence must be needed. Maintain the daily work for balanced and over pressured. Golden opportunities for love and long distance relationship.  Leg injury and health related problems may give you trouble from March to June.long term investment required. Good affinity with family and relationship should be needed.

Certains ups and downs in business and finance for this month so must be conscious. Many difficulties may occur for education and career, so positive thoughts, hard working and true advice needed. No new issues for lovers. Married couple may engaged with short conflict and misunderstanding. Careful about your child and parents health. Short trip with friends can be organized. You may gain thorough property dealing.

Favourable year for career, education, and promotion in work field. But eyes should be open up for right choice and decision. February, March, July and October are good months for new business owners. Can be invest in small resources. Love will be found within mutual friends. Great bonding and understanding for marriage couple. Petroleum shares is risky for you.

Great time for business man to expansion, profitable and new investment also but careful with some hindrance. 1st quarter of the year to utilize your energy, hardwork, new thoughts and positive views in career and education. Job seekers will get opportunities. Problems may create in marriage life. March and june Perfect month for finding love partners in social networking site. For marriage couple will feel low due to certain issues. Be careful and conscious about your children’s education and health.

Chances of positive and desirable results in education and career. Good month for planning about masters or foreign studies. Not so good month for business men. Little ups and down may occur in partnership. Careful about your health it may go down. Positive response can be desire from love one. Good month for child planning for marriage couple. No investment required for this month.

Substantial improvement in business problems. Middle of the year possibility of improvement in partnership business and gain some assignment. Some issues will occur in career but soon will get the solution. Hard work and dedication needed for educational achievement. Good time to spend a quality time with your love one to know each other and avoid any kind of arguments. Take care of your health.

File Pic of Astrologer Sundarata Banerjee.

Good time for science students to get opportunities related their career. Great year for film industries people to get new project. Graduate student may struggle to get new job. Some positive things will happen to increase your financial gain. May face some problems in marital life. Your investment will give you highly returns.  Happy and healthy relationship with your spouse. Love life will also be happy. This is promising year for glamour industry.

Very hectic time for students. So manage your studies for upcoming exam. Opportunities for studying in abroad. Good career month. Opportunities will come for engineering field.  Businessmen will have to put extra effort this month. Good your for love and new partner in life .  July ,Aug, Sep month not Good for health. Caution about any investment. Relation with family will be stable.

Take your study seriously in order to get good opportunities in career. Updated your career activities for better job. Stable progress in business front. Do not invest money in share and stock. Control you anger it may low down your relation with your family and spouse also. Love life may face some problems. Care about your health.

Your productive skills and hard work get you a remarkable reward in your study field. Chances to face some problem about your career and job. Excellent month for finance and business. You can apply for loan. Pleasant moments for marital life. Need to take some serious decision about your relationship. You may face some serious problems about health.

May face some problems in education. Focus on your academics skills and study. Get improvement in financial problem. Any kind of problem resolve the month April , may , june and Nov. Good opportunities for career , new job will be awaited just need a rightful decision. Who are invested in share and stock will get profit. Love and marital life will be stable. No health issues indicated.

Crucial year for higher study so right guidance needed. Mixed year for your career. Who are engaged in stock market will end up getting profit. Right time to engaged with new venture. After july you may get nos of Success. New job seekers  will get good results. Might find some health issues. Face some problem in family.

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