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Archana Shah President Lions Club Churchgate Shares Her Teams Charity Work Amid Lockdown

Written by Hello Womeniya

Lions Club scattered across the country has always risen for charitable causes and has even gone beyond their capacity towards the poor and needy.

For assisting the society, they have never lacked behind in stretching their helping hands towards them. They have invariably stood behind the people to formulate awareness, to support them and one of them is the Lions Club of Churchgate who prevails accomplishing their mission even in these precarious situations, where this pandemic is impacting in the entire world.

Speaking to Radhika Joshi, Hello Womeniya News Reporter, Archana
Shah, President, Lions Club, Churchgate, said, we have carried out various activities like:-

On 1st July 2020, commencement of the lionistic year with service project with donation of PPE kits worth Rs.50,000 and the Surgical Mask worth Rs.8,500.

Further through Project number 4, donated on July 3, 2020, of 100 N 95 masks for pediatric cancer patients at SRCC NH CHILDREN’S hospital at cost of Rs.7,000/-

Likewise, ration distribution was carried out to needy people on 13th July 2020, being one of the basic necessities for the people who can’t afford to do their outlay.

Moreover, on 16th July 2020, ventured into the awareness webinar for organ donation.

Also Seed balls plantation movement happened on the 19th of July 2020. Distribution of fruits and biscuits to the slum locale of kambhat was carried out on 21st July 2020.

Likewise, they are committed to numerous activities to keep the society healthy and letting people be conscious of topics like organ donation which is the need of the hour for society.

News Reported By Radhika Joshi.

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