Adah Sharma says The Woman’s Place Is In The Kitchen And Shares A Video To Demonstrate That

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Adah Sharma shared some pictures with a caption which started a debate 2 days ago on social media . The actress who has a 10 .2 million following on social media asked her fans
The woman’s place is in the kitchen : agree or disagree..
You can read the reactions here
Surprisingly the actress said she thinks the woman’s place is in the kitchen
She gave a hint saying because that’s where the knives are !
She then shared a sneak peak and no one expected what was coming
The actress who’s action skills were applauded in Command 3 then shared a video which has gone viral on social media .
Adah will next be seen in Commando 4, Man to Man where she will be playing a man and The Holiday Season 2.
News Report By Anisha Nandan.

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