Actress Dhrriti Saharan Reddy practices yoga and she does Zumba to be in supreme shape

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Singer and Actor Dhrriti has an almost grueling discipline when it comes to following her fitness regime. She wakes up pretty early in the day and practices hatha yoga. She loves to bask in the sun and the sun is shining quite brightly on her quite literally. She has a penchant for nature and dance. She dances in the evening practicing some form of Zumba. That’s a long day already and between all those things she also does her acting and singing work. That’s what a very ambitious Dhrriti does in a day. The times are difficult and yoga truly can help us get our immunities up. This is something we should all look into.
We spoke to Dhrriti and we were amazed at her discipline and regime, “I do Hatha Yoga. I wake up early at around 6:30 am. I love to spend time looking at the rising sun for some time. It gives me perspective and also energizes me. I eat only twice a day. My brunch is between 11 am & noon and then dinner between 6 pm & 7 pm. I have a major sweet tooth. I eat sweets every day but in moderation. I really mind the quantity that I put on anything that I eat.
I love to dance. So that’s a part of my everyday. I usually do Zumba, but some days just dance casually to my favorite songs. I don’t think it’s a strict regime but people tell me so. My body has gotten used to it and I feel out of place if I don’t stick to it. Everyone should do some form of yoga and take sunrise. It’s great medicine for the body all naturally. Our immunities need a major boost and that’s a great way to go about it.”

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