Meet Gujrati Singer ISHANI DAVE ,Shares her Glorious professional journey with Hello Womeniya

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ISHANI DAVE is known as youth singing sensation and loved across the world with her unique way of styling and designing

Her supremely music and singing skills are adding a charm to the legacy of the great great singing icon praful bhai dave,

She gave smash hit “gulabi” “garbadiyo” “suraj dheema ugo” “papa pagli” “khamma veera ne” “pench ladavi dau” “bol wahlam na” her latest track maar to mele is broke the records in regional industry by crossing 2Millon mark in couple of day only. many many more to our gujrati generation

At this age she has worked for iconic musical duo “sachin jigar” and multi talented “amit trivedi” and many more music directors

Also she started project,
Rather saying project will say (movement) called “let’s be little more Gujarati” this encourage people to listen our gujrati music and to do something for our own language in this era

Also, She grabbed many awards for those block buster songs

At such young age, She grabbed the best playback singer of the year

She grabbed “divya Bhaskar’s eminence for most budding singers of generation

She spread her charms across the globe by doing around 200 concert and tours form childhood in a countries like USA, AUSTRALIA, UNITED KINGDOM, EUROPE, and many more,

She has collaborated with brands like HONDA, L’ORÉAL, DANIEL WALINGTON, GANNA.COM and many more.

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