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Dr. Monica Jagtap Mumbai Congress Executive member Celebrates her Birthday Doing Charity Work by Distributing Food Kits Among Poor and Needy People

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Congress leader Dr. Monica Jagtap celebrated her birthday with poor and needy people in Anand Nagar, Oshiwara.

India is witnessing the biggest and most challenging crisis in history of humanity with 2nd Wave Covid-19 pandemic and has placed our country into a grim situation.

Hello Womeniya Correspondent Janvi S Panjwani speaks to Dr. Monica Jagtap a Mumbai Congress Executive Member from Ward
No.61, Versova Assembly.

Conversing with Jhanvi, Dr.Monica Jagtap, said,” The situation has improved a little bit now and number of active cases have reduced. Around 100-150 cases are coming everyday, the recovery rate has increased and death rate has dipped.”

She further mentioned that,”If someone is in need of ICU Beds and ventilators it is not being provided. I personally follow up with war rooms, but do not get response from their side as there is a scarcity for ICU Beds.”

Replying to Jhanvi’s question about her demand from the State Government she said ,”After imposing the lockdown, the State Government has announced a relief package for the auto drivers and others. Transport Minister Anil Parab had tweeted on 20.04.2021 and provided a link for all the auto drivers to link their pan Card number and Bank account number so that they will get relief package amounting to Rs. 1500 immediately. However, till date the link is not functional. In fact I tweeted to the Hon’ ble minister asking him when will the link be functional, but there is no response. There is no use of such packages which are only declared by the government and amid this lockdown people’s needs are not fulfilled. So I demand from the state government that if they declare a package they should make provisions so that the relief reaches the people as early as possible, and second demand is to make available more ICU Beds and Remdesivir injection too should be provided in adequate supply to hospitals.”

Dr .Monica Jagtap also made it known that and said “I am a Executive Member in Mumbai Congress and also a part of Covid task force of Mumbai’s Congress. Mumbai Congress provided 6 Free Cardiac Ambulances for Mumbaikars. If someone calls us, we provide them free ambulance service and secondly we also have a helpline number wherein people who have tested Covid positive, can send their reports via whatsapp and we provide them free lunch, dinner as required by them. We are also providing free sanitisation service for our area. and distributing ration in Ward no.62 and in ward 61 .”

Dr.Monica further added that due to this pandemic ” I did not celebrate my Birthday on the 18th May instead, distributed food kits to 150 children in Anand Nagar.”

When quizzed about the difference between first corona wave and second wave she affirmed ,”In first wave we were all unaware of what the virus is all about, we were not adequately prepared, so gradually it took time for everyone to know about what exactly Covid is. In first wave the elderly and people with co-morbidities were affected and death rate was less but today in the second wave the virus has mutated and has become highly contagious and even the young people are affected and death rate is quite high. Also people are not getting timely medical help .”

She further said that,” As i am in Covid task force , I get calls everyday from people that we need beds, we need ventilators, tocilizumab, remdesivir etc. If people do not get treatment at proper time , then in one day the oxygen level drops and patient becomes serious .”

She further alleged that,”The health infrastructure which should have been improved during this 1 year between first and second wave, was not paid attention to and instead our prime minister gave more importance to election rallies and religious congregations and allowed lakhs of people to come together without following any COVID protocols, which is the main reason for this horrible second wave.”

The situation in India is worst situation as the only weapon against this virus is vaccine, but even the vaccine policy of our PM modi ji failed. More than 6 crore of vaccines were exported or gifted to other countries and our citizens are left without vaccine. If anyone questions him about this, police is registering F.I.R and arresting innocent people. More and more people are coming out openly and telling that this government has totally failed to save precious lives and people are aware of everything now, said Dr.Monica Jagtap.

Lastly she said,”Mumbai Congress Committee under Bhai Jagtap , Charan Sapra ji, our former president Sanjay Nirupam ji have left no stone unturned to help the needy people. Under their leadership Congress members will extend all possible help to as many people as we can and in future also we will keep helping everyone who are in need.”

News Input by:- Janvi S.Panjwani

News Edit by K.V.Raman

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